Riding on buses

After my bicycle broke last month, I discovered how much fun itis to ride on local buses. Here where I am bus schedules are very good. However as a modern trend many people drive their own autos. People have Americanized. Somebody once said Americans live in their automobiles. I sometimes see some people in buses. One person also takes buses regularly. He is ten years older than I am and he often travels with his wife. As I have witnessed, women with small children can travel free. It costs only just a little over one euro to take a bus ride. Something fun to do.

Sometimes I have these jokes and I laugh aloud alone such as this ‘Bushilla menee lujaa’ meaning ‘Bush is going fast’, I suppose Jeb Bush was one of those republican candidates who may run against Hillary Clinton. At least he was invited to some dinner with some casino mogul in Las Vegas something like month ago. Who knows what happens and what situations are in the world, everything may change before 2016 rapidly.

I take the bus when I’m too scattered to drive. Sometimes our busses are too crowded and I hate getting on them. Other times… lucky for me they are almost empty.

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i am so dyslexic that i could not and still would not be able to work out the timetables for the buses, i used to wait for hours for the bus to arrive when younger, it was very embarrassing, but hey i have a spaceship now and i just wave to them as i zoom past…
take care

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When I was a child I had some troubles in learning, but then I got some educational support and my grades skyrocketed. Also one English teacher had a positive role in my education. In the class room I was called Sam. I did graduate very well from the high school, went to the university and passed all course requirements in less than three years to get my Master’s degree. I wrote my Master’s thesis in America. I have had studies in four different universities: two in Finland, one in the USSR and one in America. So what if my learning was troubled in my yearly years, but I went over that phase. You can too.

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My buses are packed. A lot of people have to stand up and hold on to a pole.

I always use the bus to work. Can’t do without public transport.

i hate buses my husband has to come everywhere with me because my voices and thoughts tell me to hurt other people so i cant go on my own
Today we went and saw amazing spider man 2 the buses there and back where very busy my husband can drive but we cant afford a car at the moment … the bus service is good here i just dont like buses