Taking buses

I took buses from 1990-1996. I was living in a Board & Care home from 1990-95 and the owners did not allow anybody to have a car. I took buses to work 3 or 4 days a week which was a 1 1/2 hour trip each way, and I was taking buses 5 nights a week to AA, CA, and NA meetings. I also took buses to school two days a week. This was in San Jose, Ca, a city with a population of 1,000,000 people. I was often downtown catching buses and the buses were often standing room only. I mean lots of times I was often standing shoulder to shoulder with other passengers. Funny thing is that if I had a seat on the bus and a women got on but there was no seats I would ALWAYS give up my seat to her. ALWAYS. But I was just thinking about a month ago whether those women even wanted me to give up my seat. I just did it automatically but maybe they didn’t like me or maybe out of pride they really wanted to stand. I don’t know. But I got a car in 1996 and I literally have not take a bus since. except maybe a couple Greyhounds to visit my dad. But I took buses growing up and even after I got sick in 1980. I remember when I was 19 and my schizophrenia was full-blown.I was taking a bus across town to visit my parents and midway through the trip i got the idea that the bus driver was going to kidnap all the passengers and drive us somewhere and demand ransom… Something like that had just happened a few months prior and it was all over the newspapers. So I got off the bus in the middle of nowhere and walked 5 miles back to my group home. Lol.

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Related to Hitler was he? Like wtf?

The only problem I had with public transport was when I got totally disoriented once with symptoms. They don’t make things like schedules and timetables easy to read while you’re ill. Ended up calling the police and some how ended up at home. Some reason I told them I wanted to go about 200km from my house. As the voices and myself thought I needed to talk to my Uncle.

I also catch public transport to get my tdoc appts. Which is like a bus and two trains. Was some guy once seeming struggling at the back of the bus. As we got off at the last stop. He started to complain of hearing voices. So we spoke for awhile but I’ve never seen him since. Wish I had given him my number or visa versa but is only a short amount of time to catch the train to catch the connecting train so was in a rush. But keep my eye out from him.