Riding bicycle today, -15 C

It is -15 degrees C and I am going to ride my bicycle 6 km, today I’ll do other exercising too, walks and exercise movements, I feel quite good, I got melatonin a couple of days ago and it has helped me to sleep better, have slept at least 8 hours a night.


I’m guessing you find the cold refreshing? I’d freeze my butt off! Cycling is great exercise.

I just had my morning bicycle ride, it was -18 degrees C but it did not feel cold because I have good winter clothing, I suppose it is all about one’s attitude. Our winter is long, 5.5 months or more, and I like outdoor activities and so I want to ride my bicycle and have my walks even when it is rather cold.

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it is so cold out. did you really do all these things? wow too cold here in seattle.

I did ride my bicycle in this morning, it was -18 degrees C, it was ok, not too cold, I often also go to the store and have an ice cream, even when it is this cold. :smile:

How old are you @mjseu? You seem to lead a very active and healthy lifestyle. That’s an inspiration to all of us here.

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I am 52 in this year, getting old, but I like exercising because it is good for me and my mind. My life is quite lonely, but when I ride my bicycle or have my walks I see other people. In addition to psz I have a few other illnesses such as diabetes, glaucoma, high blood pressure and some others, but in the latest blood test my results were good. I just think that exercising is good for me,


Yeah, exercising is definitely good for you. I have high blood pressure and diabetes due to the medication and I need to exercise more. Like you, my blood work is usually good, so that’s a positive. Keep up the good work, man!

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I take my hat off to you, sir. We’re hovering in the same temperature range and there’s no way I could do that. I’d also go down within a block of my home because of the amount of snow and ice on the roads, I’m sure.

I also have really good winter clothes. I got this incredibly warm leather jacket at the Salvation Army for $15! Plus I have good boots etc. I used to hike with a hiking club in the winter and loved it! It was so much fun and so beautiful.


Yep, good winter clothes do not need to cost much, I have purchased many clothes such as fur hats at our flea markets, I have also very good jackets, one was just 4 euros at one flea market, and then some people have given me some winter clothes.

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Good that you enjoy riding… with my bicycle you cannot ride even during rain…I almost fall need to change tires and do diagnostic of bike

@mjseu, Where I live, winter is seven months and sometimes even more. I live in the Midwest of the U.S.A.

That’s awesome @mjseu!!! It’s so great to get good deals!

Why not take up winter hiking again if it was so fun? It would be good for you.

Personally I like summer more, but because our winter is so long, I am not going to stay in one place and become depressed with my paranoid negative thoughts and so I exercise. When I lived in America I primarily stayed in the Southeast, 10 years in Atlanta and then in Miami and elsewhere such as New Orleans and Los Angeles. But the time has passed and we are becoming older, but it is good to have good memories.

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Where do you live now, @mjseu. Did I once hear you say Finland?

Eastern Finland …

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Yes. Finland. Your part of the world is very beautiful according to your pics. Have a nice day @mjseu.

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Actually I live just 300 meters from the place (hospital) where I was born … went, traveled, saw the world and returned back to the birthplace :smile: