Ridiculous extravagances

My partner and I just bought a truffle from our mate who owns a truffle farm. $50 for a tiny bit of food.

What have your extravagantly ridiculous purchases been of late?


500€ order of essential oils.


I haven’t really bought anything that extravagant recently. And I generally don’t.
Closest I have come to anything extravagant was buying a $180 “renewed” phone when I probably could have just kept my crappy old $60 phone with the bad camera and speaker.


Hmm. . .

I Haven’t Read The Word, ‘Extravagant’, In A Really Long Time.

Probably In A Philosophical Text By Timothy Leary.

‘Thou Shalt Not Purchase Anything EXTRAVAGANT Unless It’s Marijuana, A Ritz Cracker, And Cheese’.

Strange Guy I Admit.

And He’s Probably Not Even A Philosopher.

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That sounds like a sensible purchase to me. Perhaps I need some tips from you on conserving money. I’m currently on income protection insurance of 75% of my former salary of 100k, so I’m still spending like I have money. Stupid really and this black truffle had better be amazing!!!


I purchased today yet another pair of shoes when I already have far too many and never wear most of them. I justified the purchase by them being less than half price, but again I will probably never wear them.

I have never tried Truffle but hope to someday.


It’s strange the way the idea of a bargain is justification for superfluous purchases. I’m doing it constantly and I have cupboards full of ‘stuff’.

Truffles are pretty amazing even though it is completely over the top. I make mine last by infusing eggs and butter but it is still very far from a bargain.


Hmm. . .

Why Not A Vintage Shirt Instead?.

Like Some Cool Indie Band Shirt?.


I bought a house a year ago. But i need somewhere to live.


That’s a pretty hefty purchase but still practical. I whittle away my money on silly little things while still renting. Kinda dumb


Funny @Slystic , I am 55 years old, band shirts are not a good look on me.

I love 70’s fashion but am a little too fat for it just now.

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Hmm. . .

Dresses With Flowers Sounds Nifty!.

Endless Gardens Of Hopeful Billie Eilish Sunshine Flowers.

That Get Very Sad After She Turns Into A Vicious Spider.

Be More Hippie Chick BILLIE (!!!).

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An expensive pair of headphones. I don’t want to say how much they cost. :grimacing:


Headphones are one of the best investment a schizo can make. That combined with music streaming.

I have a pair of Bose earbuds. You wouldn’t believe how good a pair of earbuds can sound…. They’re usually like $179, but I got mine for free.


Now and then I have gone on spending sprees on Etsy moreso when the lockdowns were in place here. I made a habit of that, but now I have most of what i need. I have too many books. My recent purchase was a $600 purple galaxy laptop to replace the rose gold galaxy laptop I broke by trying to mess with the bios and firmwear I sold the broken laptop on ebay and got $200 and then with the money I won at the casino I bought a new laptop.

Im about to get a refund check from college I didn’t know I had it was sent to an old bank account. Spent hours trying to prove i was who I said I was and finally resorted to twitter. Twitter never fails because u can PM them and its public–so I tagged them and finally the account was closed and the balance is being sent to me by mail. Never underestimate the power of social media!

Its funny, when I was dealing with wells fargo trying to screw me out of the class action lawsuit I just started posting on youtube and twitter until I annoyed them so much they sent me a refund for the ID compromise and the credit card things…I wasn’t doing it to be annoying I was really upset. But I cant afford a lawyer. Twitter is the best resource to direct communication and to make a point. although Im bad at twitter, working on it.

I would love to buy a playstation or something. I love this laptop. Im thinking of getting some headphones…but right now I need to save all that I can long-term for the future.


I don’t spend a lot on ridiculous stuff,


I am about to get a $400 cut and color from a fancy salon.

Never spend that kind of money, ever.

We call spending money like that “fliff” in my family.


“Fliff” is when you buy something at an insanely high price or spend like you’ve got more money than you do.


A 1600$ video card, a 520$ monitor. I do use them but not much.


Woah that’s a lot. I always feel guilty because my hairdresser charges $85 for a cut, but I’ve never dared to get a colour so my mousy locks remain. I find going to the hairdresser quite relaxing, so hope you get that out of the experience. Ps. I’m totally going to steal fliff!


Fliff is a great word.

If you want to know it’s origins and feel like wasting five minutes here’s where the saying came from:

It’s got to be my favorite comic.

Everyone here has seen it a million times, but you’re kind of new so here it is!

Fliff Night!!


Also 500$ of 40mg vape juice bcz the government are limiting nicotine to 20mg in a few days.