Schizophrenia and schizoaffective and money


i read from a person on here,i think he is right!! that if we became rich with money, a lot people in life would become sick with jealousy. the one thing they dont want to see is us becoming rich!!! what your thoughts on this?


I think ppl are jelaous of others with money without sz involved.


yeah but they dont rank us in propersity they rank us very low, and if we had big money, envy would kick in, because your rank has gone up like


My family has money here in Malaysia,we are considered rich,but I am not doing well


I practice positive envy.

I don’t want to take away from those that have but add to people without.

Oh wait that isn’t envy.


People can be total jerks when it comes to money. They can suddenly get real entitled.


I think if someone is going to be jealous over someone else being rich that it would have little to do with whether that person had a mental illness or not. Why would it matter if it’s the money they are jealous of?


There are a lot of people who have this illness who are pretty dang successful. I don’t think the general public hates them for that.


Seems like more money more problems. But how I see it is more money, more control, more power. When you start to seek control over another persons life in to make your own like a king, it becomes a problem.


People with illness have the hardest life.
But when I was a poor student l learned to be content with what I have. The happiest faces I see in magazines are from what some may say are poor farmers or workers. They do their jobs and make do with what they have.

People on disability are not given much money here in USA. But that is because there are people that Fake disability and reduce the funds There is a whole generation of people here that were raised on welfare and always want more more more without working. Their parents taught them you can get away with doing nothing even when they have able bodies and minds!!!

Sorry I have no solution as I watch some in the USA try and destroy the country for the love of money.


I think people look down on us, and people hate to see someone they looked down on suddenly have more things than them. How many things a person has is often their measure of a person’s worth.


I have more money than most people, and I have sz. I don’t tell people much about either one and I try not to let either show too much. I don’t think jealousy has much to do with this.

I do feel some sz and bp and their families are jealous of what I have, but I’ve worked hard for it. And I would definitely have more money if I hadn’t had sz. Most of my medical bills were paid out of my own pocket.


being rich with mental illness that means people will try to get advantage of you to spend your money… its always good to keep it in secret.


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Its the same type of people that get handicapped parking stickers and use them when they are in a big rush or to avoid paying meters.

I was able to get one due to MS from my neurologist, but I said to myself, I will have to be in a wheelchair before I take one of those, because I didn’t know if I would be one day, it was looking bad. But I got better just like I always seem to do, but it can take years, I just have more patience now.

Slow and steady is best for everything…