Retail dissatisfaction

So I took a chance ordering a tablet PC from My kid’s Chromebook is nearly 4 years old and it’s not going to make it through the coming school year because of how slow it’s getting. I ordered her this as a replacement for it:

Been waiting just over a month now and it is still “on way to country of destination” according to tracking. Be advised that if you’re ordering from GearBest, you will wind up waiting forever. I’ve had good luck with a couple of previous purchases (Android PCs) so I took a risk on this item. Just wish it would show up already.

Anyone else have online merchant woes to share?

Not really, I normally have good luck with online purchases.


Yeah I give props for normies…the postal system baffles me how effective it is


I once ordered a new phone from a company called Kogan which prides itself on being Australian.

I waited and waited with no update on where my phone was, only to learn it was actually coming from Hong Kong.

I called the customer service line and was on hold constantly so I started getting really cross.

When I finally got to speak to someone they were so unhelpful, I got even more mad.

So I called my bank and told them the story. They refunded the money to my credit card and went after Kogan themselves to get the money back.

I didn’t end up with a phone, but I did end up with my money back.

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Yeah, GearBest is like that. Every one of their support messages is a form letter in bad English with an apology that they can’t fix the problem for you. Complete opposite of dealing with Amazon. It’s just that some of their deals are SO GOOD… (Sigh.)

I hope you get the tablet soon.

When you order do they give you a date or date range like Amazon does?

I recommend Although they don’t have as much cool stuff as they used to. You just have to shop at the right time.

Update: Goodies arrived. Very pleased with my new Teclast tPAD (X98+) tablet. Both the Android and Windows sides run wonderfully. Recommended purchase.

The Voyo V1 Ultrabook is tolerable and will work for my daughter at school. It does run Windows very well.

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