Does anyone here use temu?

I do. Their stuff is okay. Not everything is great quality tbh but alot of it is okay. I dont know if i should buy a water bottle from there


I don’t like to buy things like clothes or kitchen utensils from there


I don’t use it but a relative bought me loads of clothes. About £5 a t-shirt which is not bad.

Losing weight again tho, so they’re too big for me now!

Very good value.

Didn’t like one and they just said keep it

Guess it’s not worth the postage payment to send it back!

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I don’t trust it. :bug::bug::bug:

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I would be concerned a water bottle would leech chemicals into your drink. Their stuff isn’t made to high standards. The occasional clothing item or a cheap hibachi style BBQ, sure. Also, do NOT put their app on your phone as it is a security nightmare. I order through a browser and I pay with PayPal - I won’t give them a credit card.


I haven’t needed anything for a long time.

I bought stuff in bulk a while ago.

Microfiber glass wipes.
Dish sponges.
Kitchen towels.

I find prices are not great anymore while scrolling.

Not worth the wait anymore.

I’m with @GrayBear; I don’t trust it. It’s owned by PPD holdings, who also owns pinduoduo, which was banned from the play store for installing malware. @shutterbug is correct about their items being a security nightmare. I would rather pay a little extra than deal with it.

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I got a hibachi style BBQ for $12 shipped and it is the same one Amazon is selling for $50. I ordered from a Linux system that runs in memory from a thumb drive so any malware installed disappears when the system is shut off. You can order from them safely, just be careful about it.

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I ordered a belt, a green t-shirt and a circular rug. It looks legit, don’t know where the bad feedback is coming from. Sounds alarmist. When you’re a big business you can’t really afford to screw people over. Still I’ll take any advice I can get to stay out of trouble! :smile:

They’re presently being sued.


ive used it but stopped as its possible data mining or spyware

I purchased the rug and the belt and cancelled the order. They gave me my money back but then I felt like it was too good to pass up so I bought the two items and added a third one. Their prices are really cheap but I’m worried about the negative feedback they’re getting on this thread. :astonished:

They are evil and they are currently spamming Xbox Live members with codes and ads for their site.

Not a problem for those of us who paid through PayPal.


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I received a new fountain pen from Temu a couple of days ago. Really happy with it.


I buy a lot of clothes there! I also like other things from temu

My dad has always loved pens. There is a store near me that makes their own, and I got him one for a present one year. It was probably ten years ago, and he still has it. I imagine yours was much more affordable. I like the way it looks.

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Yeah. It was cheap. Only 15€.

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Temu is good
I’ve found good and cheap clothes here.