Resveratrol shows promise in treating anxiety & depression [study]

Thought this is interesting…

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It’s best to get it from other sources rather than wine, i.e…dark chocolate, grapes and Japanese knotweed.

The supplements I have are resveratrol from Japanese knotweed. Good stuff!

I knew about the Knotweed. It grows like crazy here and I’ve often wanted to harvet the shoots.


You should harvest them and eat them. There’s knotweed recipes on YouTube and the internet.

Japanese knotweed is loaded with resveratrol. Compared to grapes and dark chocolate where you have to eat a tone of the stuff.

I would, but it’s past time. I do have a place I can go in the spring. A garage where it is just going crazy.

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Knotweed is what they use commercially to get reservatol for supplements and creams.

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