Resveratrol extract (found in grapes and peanuts) could actually treat anxiety and depression

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I tried it and it did nothing for me…

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Here’s more on the study. It was in mice though.

It raised serotonin and dopamine in a good way, this was after continuous use of resveratrol.

It also block a protein that cause stress and anxiety and depression.

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Yea it may be a load of crap but I got some. It’s ok. I’ve taking it for a few weeks.

But I think medications can stop things from working. I would like to try these things off medication. Abilify has made me so numb I don’t even think alcohol cheers me up now.

I actually tried it when I was off meds. Unfortunately it did nothing. :frowning:

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When did u try it?

About 8 years ago. I remember it was expensive too !

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Isn’t it meant to be used to extend the telomeres and thus extend life? It was all the rage a few years ago about life extension.


No it doesn’t extend life the way it was first thought. But one article I read said it can stop brain aging by ten years. It does nothing for schizophrenia though.

It may do nothing for anxiety and depression like @everhopeful said.

I don’t believe in mice studies, I’m just googling resveratrol benefits because I’ve bought some lol