Resources for independence

PDF’s that are oriented towards achieving greater autonomy.


My daughter is doing self directed therapy and is starting to feel better. I guess it’s good for some. But truth told, if I didn’t have someone to talk to and check in with I don’t think I’d do anything consistently enough to benefit from it.

Yeah, its funny, reading through I keep thinking to myself “This is exactly what I need” but I haven’t had much success with it yet. They do recommend involving someone, although generally I think schizophrenics don’t have too many people in their life. In that case you have to pay for someone to do that. This may be prohibitive for some. There is also a thing called a WRAP for crises.

This is from “SD_Life_Plan_This_Is_Your_Life_August_2021.pdf”

Now it’s time to think about how your Circle of Support and others in your life can help you plan for your new life goal. What can they do themselves, and what can they do to link you with other supports or resources?

How Can My Circle of Support Help Me Plan for My Goal?

Some examples are: Help me gather information about what I need to reach my goal; Help me get college/school applications to see what I’ll need to do when I’m ready;
Help me research affordable fitness centers or classes in my community;
Help me write out steps to my goal when when I’m ready;
Help me make plans to address barriers to my goal.

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