Resisting Israel, beating Israel

Beating Israel requires HEROIC efforts.
I order a book from the US and it takes MONTHS to arrive.
Israel all the time abuses me, deprecates me and me a HERO!!
So far, so good.
The greatest reward for beating Israel is surviving and striving, a constant struggle against Israel
and in the direction of having a better life and against intrusive thoughts.
I have all the time aggressive intrusive thoughts, for instance about emigration, about women,
thoughts that I have to constantly beat back.
I will do it BIG TIME.

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I have positive opinions on Israel. In America I was invited many times to special events organized by synagogues such as Israel’s anniversary event and events like this. I think that Henry Kissinger is great, also I wrote my paper of the Soviet economy and its development in 1989 in Michigan and one of my info sources was George Cohon who was the chairman of the first McDonalds in Moscow, he became the honorary citizen of Israel. Try to see things positively.


FAllow it… @Chess24

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@mjseu you are very naive, you formed your opinion living in the US,

I suppose it is all about attitude, it is like riding a bicycle when it is -20 C and one still likes to ride the bicycle, because it is all about attitude.


Israel spits on me, very hostile treatment, but Israel is my home nonetheless.
Ultimately I will do everything in my power to stay in Israel all my life,
and try to recover and have friends and blend into Israeli society.

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I understand if you like to travel and see places such as the US, when I was young I traveled a lot, lived elsewhere and saw things such as Venezuela’s Caracas’s slums and sunny beaches. People when they are young like to do things like this. I spent a lot of money in my travels when I was young. Young people like to see the world, meet different people and experience cultures.

I think that you just need to be more positive and optimistic and people around you may become positive toward you, I am not sayng they are not already … I have read about Israel, the history of Israel and you surely can find many positive things in Israel.

you’re kind of scaring me @Chess24 don’t be so fervently against Israel…could lead to fear of your government being schizophrenic…!! I hope you are stable and on meds.


If you feel like traveling to the US, make steps to do so, rather than just talking about it…

@Andrew I need to get cured first!!!
And who knows what happens once I get cured.
Meanwhile a trip to the airport can only result in hospitalization, I already went twice to the airport
and nothing good came of it.


I understand, I considered that, how you say you struggle to do certain tasks which are cognitively demanding.

That makes me think maybe that you would struggle to travel independently. But there are options such as living with family in the US which might work.

I don’t know your situation perfectly. I think you can come for various reasons, not just school or work. Perhaps just to visit or for tourism.

Are your parents open to you travelling abroad? If so, talk to them about your options for visiting Russia or the US.

I’m sure they understand the process better than you or I do.

@Andrew everything is fine,
in any case I am staying in Israel until I get cured, and possibly even after that.
Because if I get cured I may no longer be subjected to hostile brainwashing like I am now.
So we will wait and see.

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There is no cure.
If you sit around and wait for a cure, you’ll get the mindset that you don’t need to work on managing your symptoms because they’ll all be taken away from you anyways.

Instead of waiting to get cured, work on learning to live with your symptoms. Do what you can to get better on your own.
Take your medicines, and let me say it again, TAKE YOUR MEDICINES. You should also consider cognitive therapy.

And you should do more to fight your intrusive thoughts. I know it’s hard, but you don’t seem to be able to see when they’re just intrusive thoughts. You write a lot about Israel as if it’s all you’re able to think about, and I think you’re letting it consume you.
You should worry more about personal growth and work on becoming a more balanced person.


The state of Israel and the zionists are very brutal and un compassionate, they just try to destory everything that doesnt fit their agenda and who ever doesnt think like them. The response of Israel to everyone is to brutalise them into submission(whether Jew or non Jew), at least your`re not unlucky enough to be born a Palestinian Chess24.

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@Mejnun where are u from friend…!!!

@Chess24 you have mentioned this hostile brainwashing also in the past, I do not quite understand what you mean, do you mean different media sources or something else.

What comes to migrating to Russia, you might think twice, currently in Russia there is quite a hostile environment toward some people such as Jehovah Witnesses who are forced to seek a refuge in different countries such as Finland, Central European countries and possibly in the US. Also schizophrenic people may not get a driver’s license in Russia as it was reported a couple of years ago. The US may be more suitable, but it might take a long time before you might get the permanent residence status. Things are different nowadays because of the war on terror and other things.

I have positive opinions on Israel and I would like to visit there some time, but now I am not motivated to travel anywhere except neighbouring cities here where I am.


Where are you from @Chess24 ?

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