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Very interesting topic.
Thank you for posting on it.

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Neuroplasticity is great. But it doesn’t work on a genetic level I don’t think. It basically works Against Neuron networks, but the hard work part of it does count and that maybe why “resilience” is shown to be good for prognosis of the mentally ill.

I only know rudimentary science so I’m probably way off. But I’m sure the premise is more or less along the correct lines

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This is great, i believe to more positive you are, humble you are the more happier you become. Thats what im trying to achieve right now. Im working on it everyday changing all my negative thoughts to positive. Im going save this fact on my computer thank you so much for the post.

You have it backwards. Genetics make the brain more likely to form in certain ways based on environmental stimuli. Methods designed to take advantage of neuroplasticity basically brute force the brain into a different shape than genetics wants it to be in. Once it is in a shape that feels healthy and survivable,it is less likely to change back regardless of what a person’s genetics say

Of course, this is not a confirmed theory. It is just our best guess at the moment based on our current understanding of neural development.


I agree with that, from my understanding of it anyways. I’ve heard that NLP is one method that can accelerate the process of rewiring the brain, but I can’t confirm that.

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Tbh I don’t really know what I’ve written. But is it right to say:

Genetics kick up the expected ways for the Brain to “want” to function and then neuroplasticity works is all about compensatory works, psychologically this would be what we call will power or habit forming

Because this is what I meant

I do believe in neuro-plasticity. I had a therapist who did EMDR and told me about neuroplasticity. I went off the meds and I think that may have been the last relapse I Had when I was seventeen. I wonder i will ever be free of these pills but my mom’s haldol stopped working so they have to increase it now. I just feel so trapped. When I am skip doses I lucid dream better, sometimes its chaos sometimes not, but its something eventually I need to face like my fear of death and God.

I use it everyday …

I do not write what is in my brain, it is all written for me, actually it is written before it is even realised.

Very cool, Pedro.

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