Remission = High Functioning, by OvercomingSchizophrenia


[quote]What Is Remission?

Remission is the absence of symptoms for at least six months with the support of medication. In other words, a doctor who has never seen you before may not diagnose you as a person with schizophrenia anymore. Remission is also high functioning in several aspects of life, living independently, goinig to school or to work, and socializing with other people. However, this does not mean the patient is cured or the illness has went away, the illness is still present, however, under control. Remission is achieved with the assistance of medication.[/quote]

Glad that I am in remission, considered as high functioning schizophrenic.

Schizophrenia: a misunderstood "illness"

That’s interesting does that mean you don’t have to list that your a schizophrenic when employees ask if you suffer from a mental illness if you are in remission.


once a month my symptoms completely disappear for an hour or half an hour and than comes back again. does this mean I go into remission? or recovery? and I like the feeling when I am completely healthy, what a good feeling I am missing in my life.