I have basically recovered from schizophrenia

Just so you know, it can be done. This is not necessarily a lifelong disorder. Sure we have to work harder than “normal” people, but with meditation, prayer, focus, medication, self help, and an open mind you can also recover


Also motivation and hard work


Are you entirely free from meds? How can it be recovered…?

I’m still in meds but I’m symptom free


Oh great…how did your recover from negative symtoms? And how long did it take…?

It started at 20
Got on meds at 23
Started. Getting better at 25
Am better now at 27


Recovery means something different for every person


I think being “recovered” has multiple definitions and criteria. Excuse me for being cynical but I have many doubts when people say they have fully recovered.
To be honest, I think it would be great for you to be recovered and I would congratulate you. But some people might define being “recovered” as being able to function without meds, and live in society on an even level with non-mentally ill people. In your case as you describe here, it just sounds like you are a schizophrenic who found the right medication.


Good point what is your new definition of recovery

I think it is a lifetime process. I don’t see an “end point” which you can reach and claim you are fully recovered. I personally think that after you have schizophrenia for a year or two (or three) etc. that the damage is done by the disease and psychosis and it has changed the way you talk, cope, think, and function which is irreversible. It’s still possible to function in society and live like so-called “normal” people and do much of what they do, but schizophrenia leaves it’s mark.

I believe in a good, ongoing recovery,
I just don’t believe in a full recovery.


I’m jealous of you. I wish I was recovered.

The right term professionals use is ‘‘remission’’ meaning no symptoms.

I’m in remission since 2010

good to hear that you are symptom free

what do you mean by hard work

Yes but maybe there is relapse on your way

They use “recovery”, too, and the two words are used slightly differently.

That’s pretty much exactly how it was for me, too.

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so what’d you mean

that even in your 20’s you can kick it

I’m 49

I thought I was in remission until yesterday when I started hearing voices again and having negatives after months without them

I recovered my couch…it was an awful plaid.


I’m in remission and have been for some months or even years. Got no positive symptoms atleast. But I spend alot of my free time on the couch. Which I believe is due to medication. Tbh I’d rather be a little crazy and have motivation to do something.


just keep doing what your doing and eventually you wont need meds neither or you can play it safe and stay on them. From what i see if you functioning your recovered. Thats not saying it cant happen again but you know what to do if it happens. Recovered remission whatever you want to call it