What is 'remission'?

I guess many would say a reduction of positive and negative symptoms to below a certain level. Does that tell the whole story though? DSM/ICD criteria wise I’m doing well. However that’s with a fairly simple lifestyle where stress is reduced. Much of that reduction in stress being due to the support I get.

I’m under no illusion that I’m doing well compared to the average, non-mentally ill, person though.

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I have a difficult time when people ask if you can “recover” from schizophrenia. That’s the word I have issues with. It all depends what you mean by recovery. Do they mean with meds, free of meds, is recovery just that you can work again, is it free of positive symptoms, free of both positive and negatives symptoms…what?


Based on that article ‘partial’ rather than ‘full’ remission makes more sense. There’s a lot of things I’d struggle with irrespective of how well I’m doing in terms of mental illness symptoms. The ‘posting on the internet’ me is markedly different from the ‘coping with the daily(practical) issues of life’ me. My late wife and my (s) daughter have picked up on that more than any mental health professional I’ve ever interacted with. The latter’s default position has always been the simplistic ‘If you can do x then not doing y as well as x is due to being contrary and lazy etc.’

firemonkey. add plus minus. the average person doesn’t have the problems in life we face. so you got lucky with some support.

judge yourself generously. maybe without the extra troubles you may have (?) from sz you’d realize you are at least as good as the next joe.


Hmm. . .

Remission?. Do—> Re Mi Zion?.

The True Thrill Of Hopelessly Beautiful Recovery?.


My doctor considers me to be in remission. I’m on 20 mg of abilify a day, and am relatively stable. My mind is sharp too, though I have a lot of fatigue from diabetes. The drug side effects aren’t fun either.

I always used to think that remission meant I could live without drugs, and have no symptoms…but this is very rare.

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