Remission and functional recovery(Thoughts on this are welcomed)

When meeting criteria for clinical remission, symptoms can be present but must be mild in nature.

It would seem according to such a definition I’m in clinical remission . Functional recovery is another matter. From what I can make out it involves a return to premorbid levels of functioning . That can be quite a low hurdle to jump over if like me you became mentally ill at a fairly young age, and have never worked or had a good social

I may be in remission , but I don’t see myself as functioning at the level that the average non-mentally ill person of my age does . How much that is down to the schizoaffective or the Asperger’s is debatable.

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Do you think your aspergers is a blessing or a curse? I think mine is both sometimes.

I function at the level of someone my age about, but I’m not where I was before I got sick. I think that remission and recovery means something different for each person.

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I struggle to see it as a gift, as some aspies do . Then again Asperger’s or not I struggle to identify anything that could be seen as a blessing or gift.

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I agree there’s a subjective element to it. As a service user the hurdle will be set at varying levels as to what an individual thinks they need to jump over to achieve recovery .

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On the issue of recovery (remission being more straightforward) I’m at a loss. I was only diagnosed with sz in 2018, at 49, but it seems likely that I’d been in the sz spectrum for decades blaming all my symptoms on OCD and depression. So I don’t know what a “return to pre-morbid levels of functioning” would entail in my case. What I do know is that I’ve been never been truly functional in the ‘adult’, common sense sort of way.

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You can guess how much common sense I have by the tag by my username .

I honestly don’t think recovery is a helpful thing. I personally think it is possible, but more often than not it’s used as an excuse to have a revolving door approach to mental health services.

I was recovered on Olanzapine, discharged and then when I got side effects I had to re-register. I got discharged on Latuda, then 18 months later I got side effects and had to re-register.

It’s a mess. The GP will not even touch my medication, and these mental health services are so slow to react.

I have now been a long term service user for a few years now, and been on many meds to try and beat the side effects. Nearly won, but it will come back around again.

My point although convoluted is basically that the meds are making us have a false recovery, and this recovery state is not permanent. Issues with meds are always around the corner.

^ These people seem to agree with you about recovery.

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