Remember this article how could we forget it You know the one where stem cell transplants cured schizophrenia in rats. Well I emailed Dr. Lodge asking if this was gonna be performed in humans. He emailed me back and this is what he had to say.

Thanks for your email and interest in our work. Our publication was an initial study designed to test the feasibility of cell transplants in a rodent model of schizophrenia. While exciting, there is still considerable preclinical work required before we can even speculate about the possibility of clinical trials and treatments. Please know that we are actively continuing this avenue of research and are continuing to get positive results.

I wish you all the best living with this difficult disease.




While it’s frustrating this was 3-4 years ago and they’re still not near clinical trials, it is good to know they are still pursuing it. When I can’t find anything new after a couple years I always wonder if it didn’t work out and they gave up. I’m glad you wrote and received a response.


I hate how they acknowledge that it’s a difficult disease. No ■■■■! Now get us the god damn help we need.

I also read a study theorizing that depression might be treated by neurogenesis. They used brain scans to show significant decreases in hippocampal volume in depression, and increases after taking antidepressants. They theorized that the SSRIs increased neurogenesis. Unfortunately can’t post links from my phone.

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