Stem Cells potential PERMANENT CURE FOR SCHIZOPHRENIA in mice!

I can’t believe this hasn’t been pinned yet!


Wow that’s amazing! I would definitely do it

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This is old one, from September 2013. Wonder when they will try it on human…


Let’s do it.


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Awesome find. This news is getting hopes high… Wonder when they will test it on humans, eventhough it is old research…

I was cured for about eight months once, but they came back again, they always come back.

There can’t be any cure for this problem unless they says so.

So what exactly is stopping this from going to human trials? Im genuinely curious…

I’m not going to get involved until I read human success stories.

fingers crossed!!

I’m happy for the mice because they deserve the relief. But since humans are not mice I question whether it will work for us.

will it be different in rat and human bring…

oops I mean human being. .

Some understanding of context needed -