Remember the post I made telling her I love her. There's a catch

Shes caught up in a meth addiction. She was 8 days sober and begged everyone in her life to keep her honest and straight. But she relapsed. I just got back home after waiting 3 hours outside her dealers house with a crowbar hoping those dirt bags would come out so I could ■■■■■■■ do them in. Shes so good, a good soul, and theres nothing I can do to help. Shes too far in psychosis to hear reason, not like I can restrain her and bring her to detox. It’s so hard to watch. She really is good. One of the few. I can’t stop randomly crying, it’s brutal.

I once fell for a heroin addict. It happens. Her dealer made me sick, waste of life imo.

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What did i say that pissed you off? i’m just saying I’ve been there. Whatever.

What about a recovery center?

This. No. Please try not to get involved. This sounds dangerous. You have your own health to take care of. I know you are trying to help her but don’t get involved with them please.

It’s really sweet you are helping her though this but be mindful of your own health too. Both of you can’t be sick.

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@freakonaleash, I thought you were saying that the addict you loved was a waste of life. Now I think you were saying the dealers were. Either way, I’m sorry for that. I’m just really angry lately, wanna take it out on the whole world like an idiot.

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They wont take her without first going to detox. And from what I gathered from my sister, she wants to do one last big bender before going. My sister believes her, fool. That’s not how it works.

I don’t have anything to lose. When she came over a couple nights ago, I relapsed too, so im smoking daily. It’s different for me. She’ll lose her kid if she doesn’t straighten out. What will I lose? My life? Good. Sick of it all. Plus I can kick the hard stuff like it’s ■■■■■■■ neocitron. plus plus, I’m a bad boy. I like beating the sht out of sht.

She has to want to get help, and when that happens she needs to be around people who are willing to help her get better. Right now it doesn’t sound like she wants to get better to me.

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