Remember one day what my father told me

I was feeling down and complained ranted infront to my father.He replied: “You think your so special?”.I kept quiet that day and this was years ago,I reminded myself sometimes to keep me knowing that I am not special,there are people with special life,not me.I lived average which I should be grateful consider many in this world suffer.

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Just feeling good now,hence grateful.When feeling down,stressed it’s hard to feel positive grateful :joy::joy:

Some times you need simple wisdom to get you back into perspective. Mine is: you’re not the centre of the universe.


Ive experienced it myself and with others, mental illness kinda makes you self centered. Being the opposite of self centered might be good. But then again, those Who work in mental health is kinda all about you so it might not be that strange that I turn self centered. But yeah

yea there is a lot of people with issues… our issues are big to us but some people have it way worse still i always think.

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