Religion=how people explain the unexplained

In this sense psychiatry is the religion of atheists. Thoughts.

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I think psychiatrists should start looking at the brain like this guy says:

Some people have a greater need to fill in the blanks with meaningful answers even though the answers will often leave some blank spaces themselves. I think that this teaches us that life will always retain a degree of eternal mystery to it and this is indicated by some religious text that no one knows the mind of God. There will always be unknowns. or blank spaces. The blank spaces are more of a problem for some of us then to others who are really more interested in just enjoying life to the fullest as it is presented to us without being hindered by those unknowns I mentioned that are often satisfied by religious beliefs, just for those of us who need to feel we are proceeding on more solid ground.

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I agree that Christianity is a religion with its own mysteries, but the point is psychiatry is the religion of atheists, because it is how they explain mysteries and the unexplained.

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Yes, I basically agree with you on that particular view of psychiatry in that it can be very biased towards atheism, but I also think that, over all, psychiatry itself seeks to stabilize an individuals thinking processes by eliminating the unknowns the best it can without eliminating the individuals personal beliefs unless the individual is overly disturbed by the additional unknowns and confusion caused by their own interpretation of any given belief or multiple versions of the same one.

You know what I am reflecting on is this: I see thousands, upon thousands of people who identify as targeted individuals, and within any given website/group having a concentration of hundreds of members of people who are active on a daily basis within the site. Furthermore, there are many more thousands who would say they’ve had an experience with spirits/ghosts or demons.

What I see here is the official website of schizophrenia that claims to have all the facts and that all the above people are mentally ill, and I see maybe 30 people on here who experience something peculiar that really buy into the narrative of psychiatry. Just an observation

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I asked my different doctors if they believed in demons. They all answered no they did not. So I didn’t go any further in discussing my beliefs on the subject which I really didn’t have any knowledge of anyway really. But I do know that what ever the hell happened to me disturbed me to the point where I needed help and so long as the only other help I could get besides further destroying myself and my health with street drugs and alcohol the medications I found work great in reducing the symptoms caused by my great disturbances. So as long as psychiatry treats the symptoms, so far as science in this field of medicine has to offer us at this point in time, I am grateful for those who have the incentive or inspiration to help those of us who ask for it or are looking for it,or even to those who can not at any given point.

Well yeah all we have to turn to at this point is psychiatry, I would agree with you, BECAUSE PSYCHIATRY AND THE SYSTEM HAS CRIPPLED THE CHURCHES ABILITY TO TRY TO HELP PEOPLE LIKE US.

It has also DESTROYED our access to effective MORAL SUPPORT, by teaching our famililies and loved ones we are merely ill. What is found in societies who lack the kind of 21st century medicine in western society, but have a much stronger belief in the spiritual and paranormal, there is higher recovery rates and re-integration into society. KNOWLEDGE has FRUITS.

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If psychiatry is the only answer and has become so advanced, how come so many God damn shooting sprees nowadays? You ask me it has blindsided people to the devil and a very real spiritual crisis in society.

What does it say in the bible, that faith the size of a muster seed can move maintains? Other more pagan forms of spirituality say you should keep your faith and prayers to yourself because people projecting doubt on it can block your prayers from manifesting. Now imagine an isolated person combating multiple evil spirits who has to fight it alone and has everyone around them putting doubt on their efforts to fight it with prayer and faith in God?

Dude you generalize way to much brah. I’m an athiest and I despise psychiatry.

I almost pulled into a Catholic Church one day along time ago but decided that I didn’t want them to make a bigger deal out of what I thought was a demonic possession that occurred to me years before and I said to myself that if it were a demon then God put it there to test me and make me stronger so I opted out of any other spiritual help at that point. I believe that demons, the evil force, a type of spiritual gravity, are pulling us in the opposite direction then we are suppose to go if we want to grow in the right direction spiritually, and is given to us who are more confused on which way to go if we are so inclined to grow in that direction.

If the church had success in helping people with mental health issues psychiatry would have never developed.


I believe in something holistic and a combination between science, philosophy, and spirituality.

I believe that is what will create the real revolution in treatment.

It will take a lot of things. I believe this will definitely require a social revolution of like minded schizos to rise to the challenge as activists in defense for there being a paranormal element to the condition. Such a group could then petition the government for a scientific investigation, like what was achieved in New Mexico with the Taos Hum. The government has investigated all kinds of strange phenomenon in the past with enough of an out cry, such as with UFO phenomena. So we have to do our part and unify if we want something done.

Man, schizo type diagnosed are scattered and in most cases brushed under the rug. You’ll never be able to coordinate something like that because you have no access to them.

Just trust that capitalism will keep big pharma inching forward at the most profitable pace but continue to improve upon medications. There is CBD options and quite a few new drugs being mentioned on here recently.

I fight this on a purely psychological, neurological level now. I think about it so it occurs. Occasionally I’ll manage to ignore a stimulus and it doesn’t happen.

The longer time I spend alone the more normal my thinking becomes, and if I could just think normally my mind probably wouldn’t be giving itself as much flack.

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If the TIs can pull this off, why can’t we pull off our own exploits when arguably the truth is in more coherence with the paranormal categorization of the phenomenon? KISS: Keep it simple stupid.

I’m pretty sure this site is the largest community of schizo/schizo supporters in one place.

Most people here are pro med, and that’s a good thing. There are a lot of newly psychotic/diagnosed people that really need the meds to come back to stability and functionality. It is more or less just sedation, but it can give someone the upper hand on unraveling there illness. Therapy typically goes hand in hand with that.

You are stuck in a fringe world view that no one else wants to enter.

You creating battles for yourself. Give it up man. The world isn’t that interesting. Particles in empty space.