Psychiatry vs sin

i take meds that really help me but i did a search of the web and i typed in to the search engine ‘lack of faith causes mental illness study’ and it took me to this site with this information on it-

and i thought it made some sense but it goes against everything i was taught about mental illness, idk why it makes sense but it just does but the one thing that i would say to everybody is keep taking your meds as it helps us to cope with life whether or not it masks our sins or not is a different question entirely.

Yeah dats some bogus ■■■■.

Mental illness has nothing to with God. Someone gets diabetes or ms… Is that from lack of faith?

There are some incredibly faithful people here who are still sick.


Unfortunately religious people don’t know anything about mental illness or the causes and treatments of it.

Sure - if you search for it - you can find some people who have an opinion - but it doesn’t mean they know anything. Look at the research behind their opinions - and you’ll find them completely without evidence. Its just their interpretation of some random statement in the bible.


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Lol , when i first got really ill I would have been known to have excessive faith . so that makes no sense at all

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The people I was most impressed by throughout history were all basically atheists. Inventors and scientists.

They didn’t have mental illness.(well tesla did)

Yeah tesla was tuned into some higher order ■■■■. He is not credited enough in my opinion.

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a lot of it did seem to make sense though, maybe there is some truth in some of it, its very convincing really.

i saw a thing at the side of one of those pages and idk what it was but it was about the sesame street characters and it made me think that maybe there is a root to some of these things like depression and stuff.

Television is the devil.

thats true but not all of it, i think you can pick up bad habits anywhere and television is massive bc it was always on, always showing miriads of different stuff which could be good or it could be bad but its the bad things that i think corrupts us.

That’s just what momma always said.

Lots of garbage. Used to enjoy Comedy Central. AMC was good for breaking bad.

Occasionally there is so good stuff on but I don’t like the tv. The people talk to me 0.o

I don’t think lack of faith causes mental illness. Otherwise all atheists would be sick and no Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus and Buddhists, etc would have mental illness. Which is impossible.

When I was first sick in 2003 I went through three years of hell with sz and when I went into remission, my religious faith increased dramatically. Even though I relapsed in 2012, I still believed in God and kept up religion. Nowadays when I am ill, my prayer life is affected, but I know in the depths of my heart I need God. Mental illness has taught me I need Him, so in that way mental illness increased my faith.

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Lack of religious faith does not cause mental illness, in my opinion. However, I do believe that a person’s belief system can affect the manifestations of mental illness. If a person believes that he or she cannot possibly improve, I feel that it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. In any illness, a positive outlook can have positive effects. Faith that one can exceed expectations can improve the overall prognosis.

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I didn’t read the article (I’m tired) but use your common sense. Religion is magic and parlor tricks. Someone already said (and their right) that plenty of devout lifelong Christians, Muslims, and Hindus and other people with all the faith in the world become schizophrenic. And plenty of Atheists don’t. How do you explain that?

well it was really interesting, it was saying about where it all comes from

bc there must be a root to this disease i mean everything has a start and a finish,

it starts with a single seed and it grows in to this.

and it was basically saying that the start of our problems was all down to a lack of faith and sin

Religious discussions go nowhere. I’m not trying to be rude.

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thats ok, i was just talking about what it was saying in the article

looks like there was a problem with the article, here’s the link-

just hope it stays there properly

I read that article and it really PISSES" me off!!! I am sure there are a few true things in the article. We may rely too much on chemical solutions for the treatment of mental illness. The one quote likening schizophrenia causes to cancer causes may have some truth to it. This may be true for all mental illnesses. However, that was quoted from a psychiatric journal. And, still after they tore down medications as a possible treatment. Granted, medications have their issues; in many cases, horrible side effects. However to suggest that people just stop them is TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE AND HIGHLY DANGEROUS!!! (I have done that and have had that done to me!) Luckily, we have the availability that if one medication does not work; another can be tried!!! The sentence that makes me the most ANGRIEST is this “Sin causes mental illness” What can I say about this? The concept that we do this thing called “sin” I believe does make us sick; but, not in the way they meant. Our concentration on “sin” causes us to think we are bad, evil, don’t measure because we are different and unique from the norm, “normies.” This gets in the brain and adds to whatever issues, imbalances, etc and causes tremendous horrible suffering. No wonder we need medications. The other problem is that this article promotes stigma, prejudice, labeling, etc to those who do suffer from mental illness. According, to this article, all you need do is read the bible, repent, and go to church. I tried and I got sicker. This article has made me so so hot. When will people ever learn compassion, tolerance, and understanding to those who are “different”? The late Leonard Nimoy said in not so many words or I learned it is the essence of what he said, “It’s okay to be different.” Many Christians, especially who wrote and believe this article have not learned this. I do not consider myself a Christian anymore; but, I will say this, “May God and Jesus Christ have mercy on your soul.”

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It always makes me angry when any illness gets treated like a religious morality totem.

It just adds to the stigma and makes finding a cure harder.

If thinking is a sin then we will all burn. People keep it pleasant on the surface, but we all have propensity for evil.

I’ve never been a sinner. I don’t consider taking drugs a sin. I’ve done some things that were wrong, but I’ve never hurt anyone.

I took to an extreme perspective with full force and my world fell apart. Can’t put it back together at all.

“Says we’re all the same. Oooh I don’t see it that way. I don’t see it that way.”