Relapse help pls

Why do I always feel depress after a period of good times? this keep happnin for me , its like a evil cirkel. anyone feels this way to?

are you saying when you have a delusional relapse or from drugs? Becoming stable can sometimes depress a person when they realize their delusions aren’t real.

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I get scared because I dont want to feel depress again because its always coming back cant get rid of it

work with your psychiatrist on getting you stable on meds…the hope will come when you realize you don’t have to be depressed anymore…your stable mind and life awaits you…work with your pdoc.!! and stay on your present meds !!

Yep, I am very familiar with the vicious cycle of feeling good for a while then crashing back into depression. It feels so unfair, I can sympathise.


I often have an episode or “crash” after a period of good times. What Iv noticed and helps me is when I feel good is to not do too much and try to keep my mood middle ground. For me if I am too hyperactive and get a lack of sleep that can catch up to me and trigger me
It sucks too because when I’m feeling good I tend to play catch up. I get a ton of stuff done and work hard trying to get things done and make money that I didn’t earn when I wasn’t well. But sometimes playing catch up too hard can bite ya and then your back to square 1
Hope this helps! It works for me. Everyone’s different tho,

I have this too, a good phase then depression hits hard, it’s exhausting.

I know that’s a hallmark of bipolar, feeling really good then crashing.

But it happens with normal people too just less extreme. It’s impossible to have good times and be happy all the time life just doesn’t work that way. We have to ride it through the bad times remembering the good times before and that the good times will come again.

For me the depression is very crippling, by the time it swings back up I have to start from square one.