Depressed after being out of touch all day

Does anyone else get depressed when your delusions and hallucinations bother you and then disappear cause right now a came out of my delusions and I feel rather depressed


Any time I experience delusional thinking, depression follows. I think that a lot of other people feel similarly. It’s not that I feel depressed that the delusions are gone, it’s just the immense amount of energy it takes to survive, it’s knowing that so much of my time was spent on thinking untrue things when I could have been trying to live my life… it’s the absolute weight of the illness on my shoulders that I get a glimpse at when reality floods back…
It makes me feel so empty.

But time helps. Time, warm coffee, distractions, loved ones, pets and the forums!
I hope soon you feel better. All feelings are temporary, this will pass eventually and you’ll be able to feel other things, hopefully positive things!


thanks so much good to know im not alone

i hope you are feeling better today.
here is a rainbow :rainbow: and a coffee :coffee:
take care :alien:


I did feel a little better today thank you


When I was using my delusions to distract me from my obsessive worries, I always got depressed and anxious when I suddenly discovered my delusions were delusions. Then I’d beat myself up mercilessly for having delusions.

All I was doing was buying into my family’s numb-nuts moral perfectionism. I learned about that (and a lot of other things) in therapy, so I used the 10 StEPs to catch myself and yank myself out of it.

I still get delusional at times, but I don’t beat on myself now, so I don’t get depressed and anxious anymore. I just notice it and move on.

i think its a good idea to do something at this point, anything to try and break your depression, go out to the shops or for coffee or meet up with a relative or something, keep the momentum going, you have come out of your delusional period and now its time to try and do something about your depression, talk to your p/doc or therapist about it.

The longer I stay inside my house, the worse I get - both depressed and …?delusional?

If I can get out the front door before the moon comes up, everything seems like not so much a problem for me.

And one could… do this:

Because those who learn how to do this change.