i like a man i met in a business sense. I’m not sure if he is married. my mom thought not. do you think it would hurt to ask if he wanted to be friends? he is 20 years older than I but i’m in my 40’s. I am 99.9% sure he probably doesn’t want too. i’m just lonely.

i love my mom but we have awful fights here and there. it’s embarrassing too because our neighbors are prowling around often at night as they often do and i’m sure have heard. i’m scared to move but finally am in the process of applying for my own apartment. I havent’ lived on my own since i was 25.

If it doesn’t work out i’m tempted to go homeless and live and work in my car. lately i really feel the urge to take a road trip and go somewhere.

it seems so hard to get along with people close to us

I guess it comes with the territory

did the guy have a ring on? Might be best to look for those who are looking.

good luck on getting your own place, hope you don’t have to be homeless.

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Whatever you do, don’t go homeless.


I wouldn’t ask him if he wants to be friends because it would be really awkward for both of you. Find chances to bump into him and strike up conversations. Think of funny things or good things to talk about before you run into him. That way, friendship can develop naturally


Thanks Daze. i think your right on the man. :slight_smile:

yeah i know. I watch these you tube videos of people living in their cars. thanks. :slight_smile:

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I won’t bump into him. you guys are probably right. he’s probably married. i just meant if he is single but i know he was married. i wouldn’t have thought otherwise except my mom thought for some reason he wasn’t anymore. thanks pianogal. i play the piano too. I’m only intermediate though player.

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Remain with your mother, she needs you and vice versa,

No I’m not going too. I’m going to give living on my own a chance. I will see her a lot. And I can move back if I don’t like it.


i decided to stay living with my mom for now.

I’m thinking of messaging that man though. i mean the worst that can happen is if i ask him to be my friend he says no(which will probably happen) or he doesn’t respond at all.

I think in a way this might be a good idea just so i can get him out of my head? What do you think?

forget it i’m not going too. he’s not interested in doing it know that. I just want to humiliate myself so i know i’ve covered all avenues. :slight_smile:

Have you thought of meetup groups for singles? Everyone there is single and interested in meeting someone

what i liked about him was he was the personality i like. and also he knew i had a mental health problem. i don’t have to go through all the beginning stages of trying to explain why i live with my mom and my problems and my weight i’ve gained. and if they’ll accept me.

i think too i know it isn’t realistic. liking him is safe. because it’s not going to happen. i just thought of that. :slight_smile:

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Don’t stay safe forever. It’s ok to reach out and try when you’re ready. Not everyone will judge you


even these support groups for my addictions. they scare the hell out of me. I like people but i just would feel paranoid in the group or that i didn’t fit in.

the phone support groups or online are much easier for me.

the weight i’ve gained i feel people do judge me a lot. without even knowing my mental health problems.

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i’m feeling pretty good lately though. my hallucinations have been a lot better lately. i quit crying daily and i’m doing good on other things too.


I’m sure you feel worse about yourself than I’d the reality. I feel judged about my weight too. I’m a size 18. If you’re not ready then don’t do it. Is their a NAMI meeting near your house?

i don’t want to do NAMI. it’s a lot of anxiety and depression people in my group. There wasn’t much people that hallucinated daily.

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Maybe like in what about bob. baby steps. i will just do the phone support groups for right now. i think.

The NAMI meetings I went to had a bunch of different dxs, including sz.