Anyone got problems at home with parents/roommates etc?

So I moved in with my mom into her apartment and she got recently divorced and is now living with her new boyfriend/fiancé or whatever you want to call him. So it is basically 3 of us in the apartment. I see him maybe for a short time during the night because I work an evening shift at my job and come back home late. I recently overheard a conversation that he doesn’t like me and doesn’t want to live with a 30 year old man in the same apartment. It hurt me a lot because I am trying to be nice with him and I just don’t know what will happen next. I am afraid that I will have to move out of my moms apartment and I have no other place to go to in the United States. I work part time and I give all my money to my mom to help pay the bills and he is not helping my mom with any money.

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That is rough :confused: I have big issues with my dad. So I know it can be very frustrating having to constantly be around someone who rubs you the wrong way. Maybe someday your mom will realize her bf is bumming off her and will leave him?

brah, he was probably just joking or just in a bad mood.

my mom doesn’t even like me in her apartment either. I used to sleep in a bedroom and she moved me to a livingroom. she still doesn’t want me in her apartment. but she still hasn’t kicked me out… yet…

I know that my stay in her apartment is not my decision though. and I wouldn’t care if she put me on the streets. I’ll probably just live with my next door neighbor / family relatives or rent a room from someone. worst case scenario, I have to live in a homeless shelter and that’s not too bad considering that it would be my only option left.

as long as I can write, I don’t really care too much about where I live.

P.S.: Also, as long as you’re making money; you should have that as leverage. if you leave, then the money for the bills will have to come from someone. you shouldn’t worry too much.

Some people just act like assholes. I remember that I had roomates when I lived in washington dc. They would try and be abrupt with me whenever I talked with them. Also I overheard a couple of times they were talking behind my back. They would complain about every little thing that I did to the landlady maybe to get me kicked out. I even helped one of my roomates out once but it doesn’t change their attitude toward you. They just acted that way the entire time. I kept trying to be nice to them and it never changed. You could keep trying to be nice but he maybe one of those kind of guys so be careful. I’m sure your mom will be on your side though so you have nothing to worry about.

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Long time ago, got into an argument with my mom. At that time, I had just gotten evicted out of my apartment and moved back in my mom’s house. But, after a couple days, had the argument and I left and found another apartment. That was not good. I got angry outburst (could be where my underlying Bipolar is).

Been living by myself in an apartment ever since. If you can afford, I would recommend moving out on your own. Then you don’t have to deal with others in the same living area. Just a thought.

Sometimes, I used to have lunch with my mom every now and then. But I don’t even do that now after finding out she wanted to have sexual relations with me. What the hell? Just because I’m adopted, you suddenly want to date me? What could possibly be attractive about me? I’m not good looking, am I?

Anyhow, forces and more forces force me to a peaceful life of self-sufficient isolation.

I’m sorry to hear that your mom that adopted you wanted to have sex with you…did she have kids of her own or just the adopted ones?

Yeah, she’s pretty old and had three biological kids, all 40+ age now. I’m the only adopted one. Just because my dad passed away or left or whatever, she feels the need to find another companion. Wish she would go after someone her age, for the love of god.