Making new friends

I am doing well, my meds have recently put me in remission, and I am making A’s in school, but I haven’t made any new friends. I joined the anime club, it was enjoyable, there was actually a guy from my NAMI group there so maybe I will make friends with him. But other than that, I dated a girl a few times last semester, but she quit responding to my calls for apparently no reason…which was weird because we seemed to be going fine, I kissed her goodnight and stuff.

But anyways, how do you guys deal with being lonely? I have a workout buddy, he’s one my three friends. One of my friends is a user, he does uppers and weed and alcohol and that’s all he talks about. The other is an EMT, he is a good friend.

But overall I am pretty lonely.

Do you guys have any advice on meeting new people? How have you made friends, or what do you do to deal with being lonely?

Just feel like I have room to grow, I feel like I just make acquaintances but not friends.

My therapist thinks it would be a good idea for me to join a support group, so I could meet others like me. I havent had any kind of friends in a while. When I did have friends, I used them and was also used by them. Part of me wants to get socially involved through friendships, but part of me wants to say ■■■■ it, who needs friends. The bottom line for me is I have strong trust issues - I do not trust easily. I prefer the company of my dog because its simple and direct. No games, no pain, no conflict. Being married to a sociopath for years didn’t help my situation either.

yeah I kinda got used by this one friend of mine. He’s into drugs, always on uppers or weed or alcohol, he also does psychadelics. He would come over to crash for a while and then take more of whatever he was on. I told him he cant bring drugs and alcohol near me.

I love my pets too. My dog reads my mood so well!

I have 1 friend that is not part of my family.She is my neighbor for over 20 yrs.

I have inlaws that are my friends but my best friend forever is gone and that is my husband who passed away March 2012 :frowning:

My brother is my best friend since he was born and i love him for always being there for me even when i used to fight with him in our younger days.

My 2 puppies are very good friends and i needed them so that i am never alone…

I don’t like making friends.

I wish I could make new friends. I am hoping that there will be some older people in my classes, so that I can become friends with them, at least school friends. I only have one friend in real life now. My other two friends I keep up with online–one of them lives in London, England, and I am here in the States. When she comes back to visit me she has promised to meet up with me. About being lonely, I just deal with it. I don’t know what else you can do. I usually get so caught up with school work that I don’t worry about it too much. It’s harder to make friends as an adult, I have found, but college is a great place for younger people to make friends. You’ll make friends, just keep at it.

I like this forum as it is like making friends, just friends online, though, not as good as in real life. Too bad we all live so far apart.

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my school is the opposite…it’s got lots of old people! It’s weird. Not the typical college full of youngsters. But there are young people like me in some classes. Honors psych classes are typically young people, young psych majors like me.

caroline has some great advice. College is the best place to make friends you may have the rest of your life. to stop loneliness i try to focus on things i enjoy. I"m going to try working out this spring and summer maybe do a 5k or something, i might try revarnishing some furniture and gardening. :slight_smile: i have a few online friends and that’s it. :slight_smile:

I have one friend that has come back into my life now that I’m not drinking or doing drugs. My sis seems to attract people from all walks of life and I get people exposure that way. But it doesn’t really feel like friends. People come and people go and some people I see more then once and other’s I never see again.

Some are cool and I hope to see them again, others are not cool and meeting them once was too much.

I’m content I think so it’s all good.

I’m having the same problem, I’m wanting to make friends. I’m considering going to church.

I went to Catholic Church “religiously” for about five years, and I never made any friendships.

I know. I’m having my doubts about it myself. I keep saying I’ll wait 'til the weather gets better…Taking communion was the part that left me mute with disappointment and disillusionment.

I am recently divorced and it is quite lonely I hear more so in the beginning of a break up…I am used to having someone around to share the daily life burdens and mostly I miss the conversation…I am going to mental health group and it seems nice to get to share there, but I wish I had a friend.

wave i could have written that LOL
i neednt bother righting cause wave said how i feel about friends.
if we all lived in the same town it would be so cool!
become a pack of tan schizophrenic beach bums:)

I’m lonely right now. I don’t have any friends. I’m going to a NAMI group and a girl asked me if I wanted to go to her church. I’m going to have to say no because I have too much anxiety. I just deal with being lonely.

I don’t really get lonely tbh. I live in a little cul-de-sac and I’m friendly with a few of the neighbors, one I have drink with now and again. Have a lot of old school friends on facebook that I talk toeveryday. I always try tto post something every day even if it’s aboutvhearing voices. Most of them r Normiesvso don’t really understand but they r sympathetic anyway. I would like a more active social life but it’s something I have to work on. Now the kids older I can do that. I’m thinking of going to a knitting group at my local library so maybe I can make a few friends there. May not b rock n roll but that’s not how true friendships r made anyway. Sorry to hear about u and Nancy jukebox. Xxx