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After four years I finished my manuscript for my memoir. I buckled down and wrote a 30 page proposal and emailed it to the agent that my agent friend recommended to me. I sent it out on Saturday and got a response today. He read my proposal and said that memoirs are not big sellers and that he wouldn’t be able to find a publisher for it.

I know that my book is good. It is well-written and keeps your attention. What I want to know is, how much of the problem is that no one is going to want to work with a schizophrenic author? And there are other memoirs written by people with MI, SZ in particular, and these have done very well.

I don’t know…I could self publish or I can electronically publish like with Amazon. It’s disappointing . I worked hard on it and I know that it is worth pursuing…but I think if discrimination did play a role, then my chances are better at self publishing.

I find with each step of this book, I’ve had to shovel away mountains of lethargy. It takes all my being to talk myself into working on it for another minute…and to be knocked back to the starting point is more than discouraging. But it makes me sad to think that no one will read it. It’s a good book. I know I am a good writer…but is it really worth tackling all of my lard-butt demons that just don’t have energy to do ANYTHING…?

I’m sorry you had to go through that. I am also writing a memoir and sent it off to three publishers, but have not been rejected yet, so am hoping at least one of them will be interested. I think any memoir will be good, so don’t give up. memoirs are nice to read, I myself like to read others’ memoirs.
Couldn’t you send your book proposal directly to a publisher? I didn’t use an agent.

Publishers almost never look at an unrequested manuscript. The best thing to do in that regard is to come up with a great proposal - make sure you know the specific requirements for the formatting of the proposal for each publishing house you send it to. An agent is a great thing to have because they tell you what to do to make your manuscript salable. But no, they are not a necessity.

I’m sorry you got the rejection letter. I read that Harry Potter got 17 rejection letters before being picked up. Terry Pratchett spent 5 years trying to get his first book published and now he’s a heavy hitter.

The publisher say’s memoirs aren’t selling, but what wasn’t selling last year might be selling hot a year from now.

Don’t give up. I’d say there is more then one publisher in the world and hopefully you will send that manuscript around again.

If no publisher wants it yet… have you thought about reformatting it and sending it around again in movie script form?

Thank you Surprised. you are right, quitting after one rejection is way too soon. I need to research what publishers specialize in memoirs and aim for those. I do have the 2014Christian Writer’s Market book…I will look in there for the info I need to aim smart and not just send out to random publishers. Hearing of the difficulties well known writers have faced is also encouraging. thanks

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Wonder if the NAMI people could get on board…

Yeah …or maybe Bill MacPhee.

they took the grapes of wrath and sent it out to publishers and no one was going to publish it down be downhearted leave it for family member to read and enjoy and keep sending it too people.