-what do I do-

I spent two years writing a book. It’s good.

I do not know what to do because I have this disorder.

That is all.

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I’m probably going to write again. The premise for the second book ties into the first one slightly, but it is about a guy that experiences a few realities simultaneously due to not wanting to be alive anymore, though he is not aware of this from the outset of the narrative.

put it on e-books.
i wrote a childrens book…it is gathering digital dust in the archives of amazon…but i did it for the creative experience …
at least then it will be published !!
take care

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I don’t want it to sit around. If I wanted it to sit around, it’s already doing that. I think in a few years there will be some “underground” type internet book publishing companies, and I will give them my book, or two books at that point and say “Sell these books, and open the world to the new generation of medicated schizophrenics.”


Why wait for a few years? If you find an book agent, they could shop the book around for you. Or, quarry the publishing companies on your own. But if you find writers guild or a writers workshop, you might get hooked up with a publisher.


Send it to publishers on your own, but first look up query letters. You send the letter around and if they email you back asking for the manuscript you can send it to them.
That’s how my creative writing teacher told me to do it.
Don’t get a literary agent though. You don’t need one until you get big, and you don’t really need one then. Just opens the door wider for you to get scammed.

Thank you for the really relevant answers to this question. The problem essentially has to do with my limited social functioning. I, however, am putting cards up my sleeve, in order to have a trick up my sleeve.

You can look up query letters and you will get a good format to use.

you know I was sitting downtown one night ages ago and was approached by this guy handing out copies of his self published novel. I read it, gave it a shrug and a one thumbs up but my girlfriend of the time with her literature degree from her prestigious university was fascinated with it…thought it was very well written. All I remember is that it ended in a hospital room with the narrator/character staring at the clock…just as it had begun.

Never know whom a self published novel might reach, publish and distribute and find out! Want access to the Cambridge hipster literary elite? Um…this stuff better be damn good…but I’ve passed on my 2 cents in the past.

Eragon started out a self published. (It was a big deal in teen literature a few years ago). But it didn’t get any real success until a publishing house took it up.

gato I think they have a book possibly at the library that is a book full of addresses and info for where to publish books. Talk to a librarian, they will know where to get it. I would love to read it.

have you thought about self publishing? I know it’s a bit of a risk and you have to do all the pushing for the book yourself but it may work out for you.