Regarding employment

It is said that 80% of schizophrenic can’t work despite only 30% may have treatment resistant schizophrenia, what are some of the reasons behind some of you for not working?

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Actually I am hell no sure about statistics.

Because I read several articles on that and they are… the opposites. I will copy paste one part from: Schizophrenia Prognosis, Outlook, and Chances of Recovery

  • 50% of people with schizophrenia recover or improve to the point they can work and live on their own.
  • 25% are better but need help from a strong support network to get by.
  • 15% are not better. Most of these are in the hospital.

So, actually, it is said that 50 percent work or live on their own.
But most statistics (which are older most of the time) states that only 10-25% work.

I worked for a very short time. Right now I am studying at university and I look for a job… who knows will I be able to work. But I’ll try my best

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I think you are doing fine… you seem pretty stable, if you successfully finish you uni I believe you can manage to work, depends also on what are you studying…I believe not a something that’s dangerous to work on like firefighting for example or military… but brains are flexible and can adapt…good luck

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This I think 15 character

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thank you! :slight_smile:
I also hope i will manage to work

Yup in Lithuania its even forbidden to work at military, police or being an lawyer for example. Don’t know about the other countries… overall in my country, every dangerious or job where is needed very very clear and logical, critical thinking- it’s forbidden to work with SZ. Adoption is also forbidden.

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I studied marine navigation when I get sick in my second course, but I finished studies and my diploma is useless. Doctors don’t sign up for health check to work on ships

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I’m currently not working due to back issues and anxiety. But I am hoping to have found a job that works for me by the end of this month.

I think the medicine gives me anxiety in numerous ways. But it’s also due to trauma.

That’s me.

I’ve tried to work for 30 years now, but never succeed. I’m done trying now.

Im gonna be brutally honest and say, yes i could probably work.

But the bitter truth is, im better off claiming benefits. And as ive been “written off” by the government, that isnt gonna change any time soon.

Ive retired at 49.

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I was a believer when I worked then later on slowly moved away from believing, Everything is gonna be alright. That’s when the main issue started.

I used to work on lower dose meds but had some positive symptoms like paranoia. It was torture tbh and now on higher dose I am better mentally eventhough I can’t work now.

I’m treatment-resistant and I work, but I’m also stubborn AF. LOL.

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Im not working due to avolition and severe apathy, I have always had terrible negative symptoms thru this whole schizoeffective thing.

For me the main difficulty with working has always been the social side of it, i struggle to fit in and get along with people. That and the fact i can only get crappy inhuman jobs.

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I get easily stressed and stress worsens my symptoms.


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