Do u know how many % people with schizophrenia can work?

U dont know …do u guys have any ideas…i think most of sz d can’t work…

we all work too some degree. paying or not


I am serious @TheGreatestDrZen

This article says that 15% of people with schizophrenia are employed:


Thanks kindness…


You’re welcome, @far_cry0 .

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I am one of 15%…

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I also don’t work, but I get by on military and government benefits.


U guys are lucky. .In Nepal there iz know benefits at all…i m dependent on my parents…



That’s rough. I hope things will get better for you in the near future.


I chose this article because it says that even though the percentage of people with schizophrenia who are employed is quite low (10-15%), schizophrenia, per se, is only a small component for the low percentage. It goes on to say that 70% of people with schizophrenia would prefer to work, but they face obstacles that people without schizophrenia do not. Among them:

stigma from employers
lack of job support
doctors who tell their patients that they cannot work which lowers self-confidence
working may affect benefits (therapy and medication)

Working is important to all people, but especially to people with schizophrenia. Working will not only provide income, but will improve self-esteem and overall mental health.


The first five years I was sick I worked seven different jobs. Was in and out of hospitals. I had a family and mortgages. Had to work. Now am on benefits. It can be done.


I’ve seen people with schizophrenia who were more normal than me, I have bipolar. So it all depends on the case. I can barely work but I’m not working ATM

Another factor that goes with this article is location. Different locations around the world have more resources available that can help them. Like me for example. I don’t hear a lot of people on here talking about "vocational programs’ but here in California we have these programs that disabled people can attend regularly and learn many aspects of finding a job and keeping it.

These places hold small informal groups or classes on where to look for jobs, how to to do good in an interview. They can make a resume for you. They are in touch with employers around the area who will hire a person and knowing their disability. These places offer support for the person employed and I should also say that these vocational programs are great places to sharpen social skills.

But yeah, the employers I mentioned already know you’re disabled and they will make accommodations or they will be sympathetic and it erased the distraction of trying to hide your disability. I hope no one takes this the wrong way, but people living in a poor country who have schizophrenia will not have the same opportunities as me. So that 15% statistic is situational. My first job out of the hospital was working for an employer who knew my illness so I didn’t have to hide it. I felt no stigma and I pulled my own weight. But maybe people with schizophrenia in Oklahoma will not get the breaks I’ve gotten.


what do u want 2 work 4? im a pro gambler

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I work because if I didn’t, I’d be doing absolutely nothing but focusing on my own problems. It’s very stressful but I can support myself and it gets me out of the house every week-day. It can be very difficult, but I like the fact that for 8 hours a day I have something else to think about rather than myself. Plus if I didn’t work, I’d literally see nobody all week. I was offered my job by my aunt at the company she works for, and been hospitalised serval times and had to take time off. In exchange, I put in the hours and I work hard and try to do a good job. Without this in my life I would have nothing. It isn’t easy, but you shouldn’t not do something because it’s challenging - albeit in a different way. I was unemployed for about 6 months before, and I hated it. I will stay in this job as it’s secure and I have no intention to leave for somewhere else.


I worked for years as a Paraprofessional (Special Education Teacher’s Aide) and Substitute Teacher.
The Stress got to me eventually and I couldn’t go on.
I am currently no longer working and on SSDI and a Pension.

My illness has deteriorated and I am considered Mid level Functioning.


I work, but then I have no other options besides homelessness. It can be difficult to go in, I’ve had to call off for MI reasons many times over the years, but for the most part I’m able to force myself to go in and struggle through the stress of the job. I have no family left other than my sister, and staying at her house is not an option. I just have to do whatever it takes to pay rent and bills, and to pay for food and such. It gives me something to do, though, and gets me out of the apartment.


I work but sometimes it can be a little difficult. Luckily I have my prn to take and am working with family. At work today and conducting interviews had problem with people in my mind causing anxiety. But hope everything will be ok, working late. Will try to take it easy. Maybe take online classes for a career like medical billing, or something secure. Or you can try volunteering.

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some job applications ask about MI. I would answer them.

but now I skip the question.

lol this isn’t a job-help site…

lol lol lol.

my bro’s one. says it’s tough

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