Regaining perspective

My therapist said yesterday that my improvement was incredible. He’s been working with me for two or three months and says he sees that i’m working hard to regain sanity. Things are starting to solidify in my mind thanks to my non stop use of logic in all situations. I realize that none of you know me now, even though i didn’t know that back when i joined this site. I guess I’m writing this to mark my progress. I still have a long way to go. I told my therapist that i’m 65% sane. I spend my time these days in sanity but slip back into psychosis occasionally. Generally though, my resting state is sanity.

I’m just wondering if i’ll ever be 100% sane ever again, or if I ever was 100% sane in the first place because honestly, idk if i was. Every day my perspective shifts a little and generally get better, but if I could sum this year up in one word, it would be: recovery. I spent 10 years out of my mind and only now are things starting to resemble normal, but at least it is getting there. One day at a time, things gradually are getting better, it’s just taking a bit. I just wonder how long it is going to take to fully regain perspective… only time will tell


Hey, again @crazydiamond444 . I am really glad you are making progress. Thanks for checking in again and best of luck with continued improvement.

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Thanks man. This forum has helped me a lot, but the things people talk about tend to trigger me and bring me back into the s-itshow of psychosis. Om’s thread probably delayed my recovery immeasurably because we fed each other’s delusions. Idk man. I’ll probably drop in here from time to time, but a lot of this forum’s use is in treating people who are really suffering, and most of the time I’m not anymore. I still have some residual delusions, and some days are better than others, but things feel a lot less dreamlike now. I appreciate you caring because I know you and I got along pretty well for a long time. Hope you’re doing okay, man.


I’m doing good.

Yeah, if it triggers you here, certainly only stop in when you feel comfortable.
It’s really good to see a someone make progress. Sometimes people get stuck and it makes me happy when someone is doing so well.

Really good to see you again with positive news.


I’m really proud of you - that’s a win and then some.



Thanks man. It’s a win, but it is me vs myself. Just sucks I got in this position in the first place. I fought the world and the truth for so long I went crazy. Now I’m fighting to regain perspective and it is a real challenge to say the least

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I stay out of the unusual beliefs section. That usually tones things down.

Good to see your getting insight. Maybe one day you can help a few others on here with ways of getting help :blush:

I dont have much psychosis issues these days but i try to help others when i see an opportunity.



Cheers man, 1515151515

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d0000d. It’s not like this stupid illness comes with an owner’s manual. There will be ups and downs. You pulled yourself back up and that’s the part we’re paying attention to. Let us all spend this evening celebrating the fact that you are AMAZEBALLS and not worry about the rest.

[ bites @crazydiamond444 on both ankles ]

[ hides under couch and waits to see if success transfers through taste ]


gets flamethrower and starts looking under couch

I’m glad you’re getting insight. That’s really hard to do. Great job!

If you need to be on here less for your mental health then by all means come here less often.

I don’t want to say don’t come at all because you’re part of this community and you’re a welcome member.

Anyway, good luck!