Regaining interest in gaming

took a while since losing it from sz or meds. Anyone know which one made me lose it?( sz or meds)

I should clarify that im only talking about learning new games. I’ve always played the games i already know. I just couldn’t learn new games until recently

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Gas. I usually feel much better after getting rid of some gas.

But seriously,

sza made me loose interest in a lot of things and jump from one thing to another rather quickly.

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I don’t know games but I’m happy that you’re back at something you like to do.


I also lost my interest in games for a few years. I think it was depression and anhedonia related to sza. But, I got back into them this year when I got into Overwatch and BF1, two of my favorite all time games.


I’ve never played any games except solitaire. It’s probably for the best because I can see myself getting really addicted to some game.

Abilify took games away for me. I play once in a while but it’s sooooo boring it weird.

I used to love tekken and killzone and worms 2. Also I used to love gran turismo. Now games are soooo dull and boring.