I have trouble doing the things I like

For example I have been really wanting to play certain new videogames I got for the past week or so. But when I think about playing them and getting into a new game I get very overwhelmed. Even when I start them I get overwhelmed within a very short period of time. I find nowadays I can only play very simple games such as animal crossing without getting this feeling and not being able to play. It is very frustrating! Does anyone else get this? Is this just part of the illness??


Yes I used to play high graphics games like racing, strategy, sports etc. Earlier played console games like playstation by hooking up with TV. Now even thinking of playing such feels so complex and hard. I now play only very simple games like lumosity games, neuronation etc which only takes few minutes to play and finish.

I feel your pain.

I tried very hard with gaming to re-start my interest, but I cannot do it.

I cancelled the renewal of Xbox Live a few weeks ago - I have been a Gold Member for 15 years or so

I can’t get into tough videogames yet, my brain noticably swells with too much stimulation. Feels suffocating.

Same with overly technical material, but this thread isn’t about that.

The only video game I play is Klondike Solitaire.

I have this feeling with writing on my laptop or painting. Like I want to but get overwhelmed. Its like this with most things unfortunately.

I think it’s part of sz/sza yes. Negative symptoms or cognitive ones.

For me it’s cos of the meds
When I came off meds I slowly was able to do things again. Then when I relapsed and went back on meds, it slowly became more difficult again

I play certain fps pc games, Combat Arms and CoD BattleRoyal, sometimes Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. I can’t focus for long in complicated games like AC Odyssey, I can only play it for 1hr max. The only game I can focus on more is Combat Arms because all you have to do is shoot others, also, I suck in big maps, I only play 1-2 very small maps.

Unable to focus on tasks is part of the cognitive symptoms mainly but also part of negative symptoms somewhat. Before my SZ I played 4-8h/day of videogames sometimes.

I can only play age of empires , counter strike or league of legends I also find it hard to get into new games