Canada Faces An Immigration Crisis

This is the Canadian News Standard. There is an alarming migration of Americans to Canada who are seeking free medication and transportation because it’s so expensive in the states. The Prime Minister has ordered the borders closed as the country is facing possible bankruptcy. There is especially concern right now since the warm season is coming and they are less deterred by the cold. The Canadian Moose Mounties are deployed along the border and Trudeau is talking about building a wall. In other news the Russians took Maripoul in the Ukraine. NATO complained but otherwise did nothing about it.

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Where are you finding this info?

He does this from time to time. Posts things that sound like they are real-life news, but turn out not to be. I got fooled before too, that’s how I know.


If he’s posting it in Creativity, it’s a story he’s telling. A few have really caught me off guard as well.

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Yes the Canada “story” is a joke. The Ukraine story may soon not be but you can never tell with that. The Ukrainians are mining the coast right now because they fear the Russians are about to make an amphibious landing behind the front lines to take Maripoul. I got that off I thought about making a joke headline but nothing came to mind at the time.

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Nothing amusing about this if you’re a Canadian. Sorry.


My ancestors are from Canada. I’m Apache.

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Somebody is a fan of the onion :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you hear Hillary’s main financial backer bought out a majority stake?

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I am Canadian but my extended family is from Ukraine.
Відмінний сюжет ! It made me a little anxious, though.