Reflections on nonverbal learning disorder/aspergic traits/dyspraxia

Reflections on nonverbal learning disorder/aspergic traits/dyspraxia

I tried discussing my problems in that area about 8 years ago and the topic was cut dead after I was asked 2-3 irrelevant questions. Have not had the courage/nerve to press ahead as past attempts to get more help saw me branded as awkward,demanding and troublesome and a very dependent narcissist. Don’t wish to face more abuse by raising the subject myself . Nurse practitioner did use the term autistic to something I said and I did mention NLD but she quickly hinted there was nothing they could do . I’ve reached the conclusion I will never get help for it. It is probably too late at 59 to make much difference anyway. The sad thing is If I had got help and a listening ear when I had my first crisis as a teenage in patient nearly 41 years ago instead of being branded an awkward and troublesome teenager it might have made a big difference to things being picked up on. Bitter and frustrated? You bet.

Some mental health workers are pure scum.

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What are you hoping to get in terms of feedback @firemonkey? Not really sure how to respond to this.

@alien99 I am not really sure. Maybe others feedback on things that got overlooked/dismissed. I accept it’s not strictly psychosis/schizophrenia related but the bullying I got on account of being different(physically and socially awkward) was a trigger for the paranoia/fear of others and the social anxiety.
I guess mostly I was just hoping for a response after opening up like that.
As it is I may ask for the thread to be deleted. Then the lack of responses won’t matter.

I feel I would have got more of this type of discrimination had I been a boy

Fire monkey I understand your frustrations the UK mental health system is appalling I went to an assessment where I was told there was nothing they could do they only help people who are literally going to off themselves.
Try going private if you can I found low cost counclling7 pounds a session get some help for yourself privately if you are able to.

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Why do you think that ? If true I wonder what it is about the male severely mentally ill that can make mental health professionals behave so inappropriately.

Just feel a bit like “being shy is overrated” type comments although also crappy are probably more easy to deal with socially than an awkward guy …

I know my Asperger husband hated being younger perhaps more than me
He’d never bring children into this world for the reason of hating all that too much
I’d go through it all again for the good stuff but can’t have kids sz too severe

Sorry too much about me but 2 different aspie types to talk to / about

The UK mh system does seem to be primarily geared to the acutely ill/becoming more and more a crisis intervention service. If you are a danger to yourself or others/behaving in ways that upset public sensibilities then they’ll swarm all over you.
If you are chronically ill with long term problems that affect you but are not seen as upsetting or disturbing society then you are very much left your own devices. If lucky you may get help from a rehab and recovery team but that is time limited (12-18 months) and is next to useless for those with deep rooted/enduring problems.
The problem I have with therapy is I need someone to initiate the dialogue. I am not good at initiating conversation. I remember going to a therapy session where the therapist and I sat in silence for 15 minutes . It was most disconcerting . I was waiting for the therapist to say something so I could reply.

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You may be right. I have always been quite socially awkward especially with strangers. It goes beyond merely a social anxiety thing though. Some/many people with social anxiety are adept at social interaction once they get past the social anxiety stuff. They have a fear of social interaction rather than also a difficulty/deficit with social interaction.

I have a deficit x
I really believe that
But some stuff with repetition gets better over many years
Not perfect or as good as it gets

Fire monkey it’s ok if it’s awkward it’s not easy opening up to A stranger.
Maybe em entially you can start talking.