Struggling to cope with the lack of help and support

I think I feel a mix of depression/anger/hopelessness/frustration that my co- morbid Aspergic?/NVLD/Dyspraxia/Dysgraphia issues have have never been diagnosed.
It’s the ‘What if’s’ that haunt me. Could things have been quite a bit different with proper help and support? What would have happened if instead of being dismissed as awkward,demanding and troublesome for seeking more help and support I had had someone who cared enough and was intelligent enough to pick up on those things?

I guess I do as best as I can give the poor level of help and support over many years. I think the need for recognition now is more academic and to do with accuracy rather than any great belief that my life will dramatically improve. At nearly 60(next month) the damage has been done and there is no way of stopping past waters from having gone under the bridge.


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What’s stopping you from seeking a diagnosis? I understand a diagnosis can be validating.

I have mentioned my concerns about autism/nvld etc on several occasions to my psychiatric team. There is a vague recognition of the issue but never any move towards setting up an assessment.
My nurse practitioner did give me a print out to an autism charity, but said there isn’t much available for adults professionally in the area.

The charity I was pointed towards says

NHS diagnostic services for adults are very patchy in Essex, and difficult to obtain.

I am sorry for your plight…perhaps just research the things that have you down? you seem so intelligent that I would think you could perhaps find a solution…?

I may, or may not be,be intelligent but finding solutions by yourself for such issues is like being told to teach yourself to read.

There sadly aren’t many resources for people with asd anyhow, specifically not a lot for adults…(at least in the US idk about U.K.) maybe you could try looking for a support group? Not sure.

Otherwise you may have to travel to get a proper diagnosis.

The funding for autism support drops by a fuckton once you turn 21. Research has shown that early intervention makes the most difference, so that is where legislators have decided the money should go. Sadly, this leaves adults out in the cold.

The nearest place is about 40 miles away. There is no way I could get there by myself.

That’s only around an hour long drive. Maybe you could get someone to drive you. If not then that’s really rough and I’m sorry :confused: There was a man in one of my psych classes who was facing similar struggles in that he was sure he had ADHD but when he was a kid that diagnosis didn’t exist…and now professionals refuse to diagnose him because he is an adult, so he can’t get the resources he needs. It’s unfortunate.

There is no one that drives who could take me.