Reflections on having gone from 2 APs to just 1

I was taking fluanxol and seroquel. I only take seroquel now.

Firstly the process was a lot easier than I expected… I was on fluanxol depot which is very slow release so it was simply a case of stopping the injections and letting it gradually reduce out my system. Had no acute withdrawals to speak of.

In terms of symptoms it’s a bit more complicated. I would say I don’t think my delusions have gotten any stronger but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t more anxious about these fixed, pre-existing delusions than before.

Since coming off the depot I have rarely left the house. A lot less than before. But at the same time I am more content and happy than before. I think the depot was giving me anhedonia.

My concentration has definitely improved which is a blessing. When you rarely leave the house entertainment like books and movies are important. I can derive pleasure from these again.

Would I go back on the depot? Hell no. But would I like more relief from paranoia than I currently have? Assuredly


I’m glad it worked out. I don’t think I’ll ever get off my injections. I’m too afraid.


Congratulations Jimbob. So you have unfriended Fluanxol. I am still taking it every month. :dizzy_face:

In a summary, you gain more content and happiness and less anhedonia, and your concentration improved and enjoy pleasure. It worths the paranoia and anxiety about the pre-existing delusions.


For me so far it is worth it. But my lifestyle is more limited. Luckily I am fine with that.


Because of the side effects Seroquel has given me, I sometimes miss the Clopixol injection. There was a honeymoon period of a few months when I started Seroquel, but now after having taken it for about a year I think the Clopixol injection was decent and just as good as the Seroquel.

With Clopixol I felt the same 24/7, while with Seroquel I tend to feel the effects of it after I take it which I don’t like.

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Your on 300mg IR at night right? I think seroquel IR is better taken twice a day. It doesn’t last long in the blood

I have taken it twice a day, even three times a day in the past. For me it is best taken once at night, which is how it was originally prescribed for me. Yes I am on IR. I think I may have been better off staying on Clopixol, but I hated the whole process of getting injected.

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Yeah I hated getting injected too.

I want to go back on an injection. See my recent post. Can’t handle the side effects of Seroquel any longer.

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Yeah I saw your post buddy. I support you 100% wanting to go back on the depot. I wish you all the best.

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