Reduction of brain kynurenic acid improves cognitive function


So where can I sign up?

@Chester_Navarro go to a neurologist!!!
and tell him you want to reduce brain levels of kynurenic acid.

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Nice one @Chess24.
You can try and get some telmisartan from your pdoc as per @firemonkey post

"“Since KYNA is a glutamate receptor antagonist, we analyzed the effect of
three ARBs: irbesartan, losartan and telmisartan on KYNA production in
rat brain cortex in vitro.”


Or you could try these amino acids.


How much improvement?

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I actually started to take some of those after coming across this thread. Acetyl-l-tyrosine, inositol, leucine, isoleucine, valine (which I’m not certain is related to leucine), and alanine but I’m thinking of not taking that anymore because it makes me tired. I began to notice a significant difference in my derealization this morning and about 30 minutes ago after taking more inositol an hour ago. This is groundbreaking for me!

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Thank you for posting this!

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have to try this!

I was thinking about going to a neurologist, someone is effecting my mind and and body from outside and in making me feel ill, need to do more brain exercises,need to increase my growth of brain cells

Update here, I am feeling very tired. Don’t know if it is the inositol (which is one of the side effects) or if it was the driving I have done all day (UBER Driver.) One thing I have also noticed. People have been talking about adrenal fatigue which, for me, the symptomes are pretty common on a daily basis. Anyone experimented on themselves to see what would make them more alert through the day without being manic?

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I’ve been taking leucine for about a week. I started after reading an unrelated thread. I think it was about brain fog. I’ve definitely noticed some improvements specifically in task related motivation. It’s easier to get up and do the thing I need to do. Definitely want to give some of the other aminos in the article a shot. @twinklestars any words of wisdom or caution?

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Methionine can cause hypermania (don’t confuse is with s-adenosyl methionine) and brain damage, tyrosine is not for everyone unless you have borderline to severe depletion of dopamine, alanine may have mixed results but usually the same type of outcome for everyone.


I’m hoping there will be more published. However, you can go to and search each amino acid you want to try and get a list of papers that are published on them.

I’ve been using whey protein, it is a good source of a variety of amino acids in safe amounts (amounts found in food). Until there is more research on appropriate dosages for sz. There IS some research on individual dosages but not for all of the listed amino acids.


Just an update, I stopped taking the valine and inositol and other supplements. They were making me very tired, though I am always so tired that even b12 can’t do anything. But… Leucine seems to be the best. It helped calm me down to which I wasn’t having emotional mood swings and it is great for sleep. Inositol is still safer than Niacin but it too makes me tired. One thing I definitely notice about my derealization; things get a little better with Alpha Lipoic Acid. Unfortunately I cant take it because I am allergic to it, but I have been reading about it and turns out not only. Does Flax Seed have it but vitamin b2/ riboflavin acts in a similar way to recycle glutathione. I tried glutathione itself but I am allergic to that too. So… I will be going to the Vitamin Shoppe and getting some b2.
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For me: the search continues.

What does inositol do again and how is it related to brain kynurenic acid again? I might buy some next month when I have more money. Thank You!