Recovery without medication

How many of you don’t take any medication? How is your experience of life?
I’m too fearful to stop medication, but luckily I take a fairly low dose.


i take very high doses of meds, i’m afraid if the doctor lowers it i will relapse again since that happened last time a doctor lowered the meds. i might have to give up one of my antipsychotics because the insurance may not cover them both anymore. i don’t know what i will do then

I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope all is well when your just on one AP

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i’m hoping since the insurance i’m on is leaving the hoosier care connect program and they switch me to another one that the new insurance will let me stay on two APs.

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Whilst recovery without medication may be possible for a small group of psychosis sufferers for most it will not. The problem is knowing which psychosis sufferers are best suited to a medication free approach . If one decides to go down that path one should work closely with one’s pdoc and have someone like a friend/family member who can keep you on track re signs of a relapse.

Never abruptly stop your meds. If you want to try a meds free approach then talk to your pdoc about a tapered dose reduction.


Totally agree @firemonkey I decided to go off meds a few days ago when after my recently changed meds I had lots of side effects (vomiting, dizziness). I didn’t have to reduce gradually as I was on the lowest dose anyway. I informed my partner about it and requested him to be rather conscious how I behave (he knows very well what may happen he was with me through my psychotic episode 7 years ago). I also informed my GP about the decision. He asked me to book an app in a month to check how I am doing and also inquired to book an earlier one if sth wrong… btw. Just to clarify. I do not have sz. Just some kind of psychosis…

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Right now I’m under medication, but I’m sure it will not be that way forever. In fact, it won’t be for long. Throughout the previous months I was in fear of having to use APs for life, I hate them. Now, with my current dose so low, I feel a lot better and my delusions are far away. I feel great, and I’m certain that recovery without medication is possible for some people. Maybe not for everyone, but some people. I’m glad to be one of them.

I was taken off small dose of meds and 9 months later got very aggitated and neighbors called police on me. Lost my house as a result.


I came off meds for 2 years. I was barely functioning and then bam! I ended up in hospital again completely psychotic.

@SchizoBoy I would stay on your meds.

I have not taken a AP in three years, I got off both my benzodiazepine and SSRI a month ago and currently do not take any medication.

My experience of life is pretty much what I make it symptoms or not

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Were not all born equal and have different levels of mental illness, I have tried a couple of times to go without the meds over the years, both times being very costly and ending up in hospital.

Haven’t been on meds in over a year. Maybe even two years, I don’t know. My memory fails me.
After several bad experiences with them, I’m terrified of the idea of going back on them. They didn’t “help”, as in, none of my symptoms went away. But I may not have been on the right ones.
And since, my “illness” has progressively been getting worse, even with the neurofeedback I’ve been doing.
I’ve been experiencing debilitating meltdowns, psychotic breaks, severe mood swings, suicidal/homicidal ideation, and a whole array of other things… on and off, on and off, nonstop.
At this point, I might just consider giving them another try.
I can’t keep living the way that I’m living.
I’m going to completely snap one day.
But yeah, according to my psychologist, and dad, I’ve made so much progress.
Okay, you live in my head for a day. You’d kill yourself by the end of it.

Yeah I don’t plan on stopping my meds. I’ve tried before and after about 9 months or so I’m back to psychotic. I’m sitting at my pdoc right now lol

Stopped meds 6 months ago due to combination of lack of insurance and stubbornness and maybe stupidity? Now on ability maintena because I don’t trust myself yet to dance in harmony with Big Pharm.


Oh big pharma, how we adore the.

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Thee not the. The is the. Thee is what you wanted there

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Lol I really wasn’t sure, thanks.

I don’t take meds. My life ranges from being a living hell to tolerable. Sometimes, rarely nowadays, I even enjoy it.

Lately I’ve been in the “this is tolerable” phase for quite some time and I’m content with that.

Ahh…I intend to go back on an antidepressant if my therapist will humor me.