Recovery also means to regain in personnality?

my mother is so critical about everything around her. in politics, for the others etc etc. I guess normies are like this. me, I just sit on the couch and I am just saying ‘‘yes, yes’’. I think its a typical schizophrenic thing, isn’t it? is it some kind of degradation of the personality? impossibility of thinking or what? inner conflicts maybe? wow, its hard to be like this…


It could be apathy, medications can alter moods, it is common to have a emotional flatline with this illness, could also be continuous pain. I don’t know details on the effects of personality via this illness. I feel blank minded lacking a sense of self, emotionally numb
and not interested in talking about events aswell. @1anna

Hope your ordeals can slowly get better
-much love

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Sometimes we need to cultivate our interests, read an article that explains an issue we don’t understand for example. If we don’t try to force it, nothing will happen. We’ll just stay the same way.

If we apply some force to an object, that object will move. It’s the same in recovery, we need to push forward in order for it to move forward.

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If you develop sz, you will stop the things you used to enjoy even if it is only for a period of time until you find your way. And even if you do not stop doing things you enjoy, you experience them in a different way. So yeah, it changes your personality, but if you imagine recovery as something that you need to fight for a little bit. Not much but at least a bit…you will begin to reclaim some of your personality.

Lol that’s a Symptom? I tune out when my parents talk to especially if it’s a viewpoint I don’t agree with. I suppose that could be a passive thing. They both have rants & diatribes. It’s best just to smile & nod & say Yup every now & again. Engaging or making a counter points only makes it go on longer.

Also with girlfriends who are venting about their day or that one friend they probably shouldn’t be friends with because it really seems like they hate each other…

Holy Crap @Anna1 I think you feel like a Man.

the problem is that I am in another dimension of the reality(maybe fantasies and delusions) since child. I even dont remember long periods of my life… I am afraid I wont never feel human…I dont remember being ok, never, its a strange case of schizophrenia here…

I don’t think I’ve really had a personality for about forty years. I learned to do without one. I get most of my gratification apart from other people. I’m not miserable, but I think it is better not to try to follow this path. You need other people

I don’t recall a “before sz and after” either, @Anna1. I was always different, and when strong hallucinations and delusions, etc set in at 12-13, it wasn’t an interruption so much as a more extreme continuation of who I already was…just everything was spiritual after that point. But, it’s not hopeless. I’m 49 now and not only have I made it this far, but I’m continuing to learn and grow…
You have a personality. It’s not as pronounced because maybe you’re not involved in things you’re interested in. You do need to do things and get out of your head and live to develop and nurture the real person you are. You can do it. It’s never too late.

Yeah I feel like I’ve lost some of my personality and that I am much more boring. I don’t have as strong as an opinion as I used to have. Sometimes I doubt that I was more interesting before. I’m also less motivated to undertake activities. I hate it. Some time ago a friend told me: “You’re spacing out sometimes and are really introvert at times, like you have had some brain damage from your psychosis.” It really wasn’t fun to hear. But I guess he might be right.