Recently got over trauma lasted 8-10 yrs

Yea one guy from high school took my tumblr writing once in 9th grade and as it looked, rearranged and modified the document to send to others.

Yea that made me so creeped out. And the funny part was he made a rumor saying I stalked a girl.

I’m like eww here I am over here tremblin cuz of what u did and now u callin me a stalker. Straight DafuQ?


sounds rough.

you okay?

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Thx. I’m so chill now but this was insane becuz I got bullied a lot for this and had to quit school. I still shake thinking about it going outside everyday but, I’m growin up and the pain has been fading lol :slight_smile:

you new here?

you schizophrenic?

I went thru trauma but it was mental and physical.

some people you just can’t trust 'em. hmmm.

I’ve been here fo awhile I’ve just taking breaks because I’ve been stepping away from the internet agter quiitting meds.

Yea I was diagnosed around 13 and gonna turn 23 in April. I’ve quit meds last March. So it’s been a full year of kinda just “reflecting “.

Yeaa I send warm hugs ur way as well :two_hearts:

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I’m sorry you went thru that sh=it

what about school though

you mean you’re not addicted to the internet, :slight_smile:

I was stalking a guy I loved in high school, chasing him all over town

maybe you did, or maybe you didn’t, but an early love is a hard one.

I ended up going to a night school type of place. So I got my diploma . But I had to get in my second Lang. Which is Japanese cuz the school I quit was the only all English institute where I lived in Japan. So yea it was rough.

Yeaa I had my young love thing. It’s never gone well. I’ve never really had a gf cuz I was always getting rejected lol

Did u navigate well through that or was it kinda emotional procrastination haha I mean I know mine was.


you need to finish schooling, everybody does

No, I loved the kid dearly, would have done anything for him

he made no moves, kinda thought I was a pest, and I count on the guy to do that, despite my persistence.

Oh well, when we want it to move it just doesn’t right lolol

I can tell u my first crazy crushes were ppl that I stared at while thinking “why r u not trying to cooperate?” :joy:

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I thought I deserved the best

the star basketball player, track runner, homecoming King

early grandiose thinking.

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YAnd u still do! But maybe if ppl didn’t take the time to realize our genuine love for them then I guess the love they deserved had to be within their authenticity and reputation. Lol they can’t cooperate if their too blind to see

Life in the Time of Cholera

he never gives up

she’s old and frail

he finally gets her

nah, I gave up.

Lol u gave up before he even had a chance to say yes. I don’t think its really being undesired or rejected.

U closed the contest before he could apply!
And he had a 1/1 chance of winning :joy:

Guess who won , not him

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We were in college together

taking a chemistry exam

he and I were the last two people in auditorium

what made me look over?

Idk I’d look over at the other person if we’re the only two there :joy:

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But I’ve had weird moments like that where u feel sth.

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