Recent changes in consciousness -- poverty of thought?

“Changes in consciousness” sounds deep but this isn’t meant to be profound. Obviously while ill, the thinking was really odd with the positive symptoms so many people on this site are familiar with. Lately i’m not sure I am that ill so I guess the medication has been doing its job. But there is still a real change in how my thinking works compared to before getting ill merely less than 6 months ago.

I’m wondering if anyone can relate to this course of altered consciousness. It’s hard to describe but it is not normal to me, it lacks content. Could this be a “poverty of thought” ? These days i also worry a lot about what may become of me if I can’t get back on track. But other than that there’s not much activity, so much appears lost or just vacant,… surely these drugs are weird enough along with the illness and after effects of a psychotic episode of a few months.

If you were to experience poverty of thought you would surely know. It’s an unmistakeable feeling of emptiness and it is usually acompanied by other negative symptoms such as lack of motivation or diminished pleasure…

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That’s a freaking hard thing in this life …!!

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Well, I’ve experienced some negative symptoms for a while now, and I’m not really sure what “poverty of thought” means, but all I am getting at is that there is a kind of emptiness, or something lacking in experience that makes things dull and without much meaning.