Do you have poverty of thought?

If I do have thoughts, which is rare they will always be negative and repetitive.

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a long while ago i suffered much from poverty of speech and i think they are related.

stay on this forum is my advice. we understand – we’ve been there.



I don’t have poverty of thought but I do have poverty of speech.

Yes, I am pretty dumb now. Used to have insightful thoughts. Lately, I have given up. Many times where someone points something out and I think that before I would have caught that. How it is.

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Uh, um, Uh, I think I, I guess.

Mine are, too, negative and they repeat. Need to get through them everyday. I can’t thing really of something. All I have left are impulses and needs.

I did on risperdal coming out of psychosis. It sorted out the delusions but I moved to zyprexa to try for better function and that really was a game changer for me.

It’s hard. You change you may not be able to get back on a med as effectively again but sometimes it is worth a try at changing.

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I have poverty of thought, and it is a consequence of apathy, which is due to depression and maybe schizoid personality disorder, but they also think I have schizophrenia and it could be one of the negative symptoms.

Fortunately, I’m not as empty any more as I have been at a lot of the time.


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I lost most of my thoughts two days ago. The only plus side of that is the negative thoughts went away too

@ifeelblessed Are you still suffering my poverty of speech?

hello spyderpilot09. lately i haven’t had any difficulty with keeping a conversation going with friends.


Oh, that’s good.

i have poverty of thought and speech too…
sometimes i feel numb and blank…

Do you also have a poverty of emotions?


I’ve always wondered what poverty of speech feels like. Does it just feel like you have not too much to say?

yea i also have poverty of emotions… it goes up and down though but i don’t feel many emotions.

For me, yes, it feels like I have nothing to say, because there is nothing on my mind. I draw a blank, it feels empty in there. In my case, it’s the apathy.


That’s interesting how Apathy can cause that. I would try to get rid of it as soon as possible. Do you feel like this around your friends or family?

I’d like nothing rather! But it’s not at its worst any more; I’ve come a long way.

Around almost everyone, except for a few exceptional people who can get me going, through free association from what they are saying.


That’s a good thing. I’m glad you’ve made progress. I’m wondering if I have this, because whenever I’m in a classroom people will seem to talk rapidly for hours, but my version of a conversation is straight to the point. I can talk to friends for a while, but I feel around other people(like strangers), I don’t say as much and it’s hard to come up with something to talk about. I don’t want to dismiss it and be like “I don’t know much about them” because I’ve seen family members talk for 10s of minutes with people like barbers, taxi drivers, etc. It hasn’t bothered me until I found this board, because I feel similar to you. I can talk to people, but I have to know something about them or it has to be situational. I can only take clues from the environment and what I know about people

I think it’s interesting that you can talk to other people on the forum, though. I wonder why. Maybe you can segue those skills into in-person conversations. Just a thought