Reasons why you cant work a proper job [poll]

i just thought if people were asking why people with mental illness cant work a proper job then maybe we could give them some genuine answers as to why its hard for people with mental illness to do that

  • positive symptoms
  • negative symptoms
  • side effects
  • cognitive symptoms
  • depression
  • other illnesses
  • more than one thing

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i realise there will be more than one answer for this but if you would like to list your worst symptom of your illness then thats ok


I sometimes shake when I use a mouse.

I can’t get up early as I’m so sedated.

I talk to myself when stressed.

I fail job interviews by being anxious and too honest!

I can’t find a part time job/job share that will take me.

But I do volunteer a few hrs a week, which I slowly hope to build on!!!


For me I would say it’s several factors. Social anxiety and social interaction difficulties is a major one. A degree of negative symptoms another. Yet another is cognitive symptoms.
I would be useless at manual/practical work because of my difficulties and would struggle with high level cognitive based work.

Ideally I would need an assessment of my strengths and weaknesses and help tailored accordingly. An assessment some years ago suggested at best I was fit for sheltered supported work.

Many years ago in my early 20s It was suggested I go to a rehabilitation centre to be assessed. It never happened because my pdoc said I wasn’t well enough.
It was never repeated.


Good poll :thumbsup:


Cannot focus, and don’t know how to relax to achieve work-life balance.

Furthermore, job stress is one of the major factor that contribute to my mood fluctuation: Obviously, most people that go to work experience blue Monday, but mine can be any week day. If the employer scold at me, it will get worse.

Not sure of the job scope, is another reason that I cannot hold any job longer than few months. It creates anxiety because I keep worried about pending tasks and don’t know how to prioritize them.

Relationship with colleagues is the last reason why someone like me cannot bear the negative office politics.
One colleague may complains about me to human resources manager, and another colleague may threat me to black list me in the job industry.

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I work a six hour per day job. Some days I can’t do it, so I stay home. Some days, admittedly, I do less and let the teachers take the bulk of the load (which is actually their job anyway). Most days, when I throw myself into the work, it’s actually good for me and I feel energized and capable. It’s a relief to escape the confines of my mind for a time. I had to choose a low-pay, low-responsibility job because I really can’t do more (I’ve tried), but I’m very lucky to do a job I can also feel good about most days.


Other than mood issues - depression and such I have a hard time to focus and I keep forgetting stuff - I tend to start multiple things and don’t finish any one… I can work somewhere where my role doesn’t take a lot of responsibility, and that includes moving and adjustable job time. Being a club promoter for couple of months was good for me but the pay is really low.

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Stress response under pressure
Relationship management in a working group : social interaction
Information processing
Productivity vs. disability

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Appreciated…Good and proper poll…!!! :bar_chart:

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Hmmm as of yet, nobody has cited cognitive symptoms as the sole reason behind not having a proper job. I would suspect some of you do have cognitive issues which interfere with the ability to hold down a job. Or not? As for myself, negative symptoms are the culprit - there’s no secret in it, I’ve already confessed here many times :blush:

I do have cognitive issues…being said that i have to accept negative symptoms really is hurdle to hold any jobs for me…number 1 culprit for me is cognitive symptoms along negative symptoms…but i am thinking of going to collage for further studies …though i dont know i will able to do any good at it…lets see…!!!


Trouble focusing is a cognitive symptom – just looked it up. :smile:


i picked side effects for my reason, the meds make it harder to think properly its a bit like being stuck in a fog, my thinking is slower and also my eyes are really affected by the meds and get tired or very heavy eye lids sometimes especially when driving which is very worrying because i dont want to cause an accident, i’ve got an appointment to see the gp next friday though to try and look for alternatives to this anxiety med that affects my eyes, other thing is anxiety which may or may not be a side effect of my med.

anxiety is the worst symptom though that stops me from doing a lot.

I m working full time without problem on paliperidone but problem is the seroquel that i take for sleep.i have to sleep at 7/8pm in order to wake up at 6am without sedation.sometimes i woke up very sedating on seroquel.i m using 50mg seroquel by the way.

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This a great attitude - fantastic to see.

This is an approach we all have to take, start with some doable activity and build on it, don’t worry about setbacks, just take a rest, evaluate what happened and what you might do differently, and try again.


There’s a difference between it not being a sole reason and not being a reason at all.

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I’ve been fired for talking to inanimate objects. When I was a cross guard it was so stressful I had to quit.

But hey mom says everything has a spirit.

If it wasn’t for the medicine I’m on I could dig ditches. I’m suited for that kind of work, and I don’t mind it. But my ap med’s make me so susceptible to the weather. When I was in the army I was a little bit above average in dealing with harsh weather, but now I’m a weather wimp. I’d get sick if I had to work outside now.

I was in a locked hospital for 8 months in 1981. I was 21 years old. I was released into a nice Residential Treatment Home.

9 months later after a series of small steps I got a job. I stayed there for four years. After three years there my boss came up to me and told me I was his best employee. Also, three years after being there, I picked up a nasty crack addiction.

Hell, I was psychotic and drugged with the highest dose of prolixen that a psychiatrist could prescribe for the first couple of years.

On weekends, I used to have go to our local laundromat to wash more than a hundred towels from this job. That meant that on the busiest days of the week for that laundromat I would use 8 or 9 washers at the same time while the whole place was crowded. I did this often and people would complain to me but i had to do my job. After the clothes were washed, it took ten dryers at once to dry them.

If you guessed that doing the towels while psychotic was stressful, than “Ding, Ding”, you’re right, you win the prize.

I am not writing this to brag, or to say I’m better than anyone else. I am writing this just to give information. But yeah, during those four years, I had a couple of cars, I was living semi-independently and going to college. i had some friends and I was hanging out on Stanford campus or the little town several miles away to get drugs. They had the highest murder rate in California at the time.

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My thing with the Schizophrenia is that I have a hard time solving problems with life. I cannot get a high paying job because of that so I have taken low stress jobs since my breakdown. It is real lousy that a person with a mental illness is doomed to be poor.

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