Employment, can it be done?

so as you can see i have been obsessing about working again n some capacity an i found this-

Five Myths About the Mentally Ill

Myth #1: Mental illness is the same as mental retardation.
The Facts: Mental illness and mental retardation are entirely different disorders. Mental retardation is primarily characterized by limitations in intellectual functioning, while intellectual functioning varies among persons with persistent mental illness just as it does across the general population.

Myth #2: Recovery from mental illness is impossible.
The Facts: While these illnesses are persistent, research has shown that with treatment, the majority of people with mental illnesses achieve genuine improvement in their symptoms over time and lead stable, productive lives. As the treatment of mental illness has advanced, the focus of treatment has shifted from simply minimizing symptoms to true recovery-that is, to reintegration into mainstream society, including (and perhaps most importantly) the world of work.

Myth #3: Mentally ill and mentally restored employees (that is, those in whom mental illness is effectively treated) tend to be second-rate workers.
The Facts: Far from being inferior workers, individuals with mental illnesses may in fact be superior in many ways to their co-workers without mental illness. Employers who have hired these individuals report that their attendance and punctuality exceed the norm, and that their motivation, work quality, and job tenure is as good as – or better than – that of other employees. Research has shown that there is no difference between the productivity of workers with and without mental illness.

Myth #4: People with psychotic disabilities cannot tolerate stress on the job.
The Facts: The response to job-related stress, and precisely which factors will be perceived as stressful, vary among individuals with psychiatric disabilities just as they do among people without such disabilities. For all workers – with or without psychiatric disabilities – productivity is optimized when there is a close match between the employee’s needs and his or her working conditions.

Myth #5: Mentally ill and mentally restored individuals are unpredictable, potentially violent, and dangerous.
The Facts: This myth is reinforced by media portrayals of people with mental illnesses as frequently and randomly violent. However, a research literature review conducted at Cornell University found absolutely no evidence to support such portrayals. The fact is that the vast majority of individuals with psychiatric disabilities are neither dangerous nor violent.

It is clearly well past time to break down the barriers blocking people with persistent mental illness from full participation in the workplace.

what do you think? are we capable of anything and if so then what could we do?


Yeah we used to use these same myths and facts in our quarterly newsletter at the clubhouse I guess I’m still a member of. The first one always disturbed me but I have heard people say in person that there was no difference between mental illness and mental retardation so I guess this myth is out there.

I know people with mental illness who work. A lot of them happen to work in the peer support or related fields. I know one guy who gets time off to recover from the odd manic episode he might still have here and there. I have to believe that recovery is possible but personally though a lot of people believe in what I could accomplish I see myself as having a little ways to go. I don’t want to work just any job though, I tried that already. I need a job or whatever it is in which I can use and develop my long neglected strengths.

I work part time and go to school. I find keeping busy helps me stay focused on the path to recovery, but the stress is often overwhelming and my symptoms return. I can’t tell if I’d be better off not working as hard as I do, or if I’d be better off working like I do now.

Function and education level prior to onset of symptoms will dictate later employment capabilities.

You also have to deal with mental illness stigma in your community. Some places want the formerly psychotics working only in retail or fast food. You also have to see what personal issues your coworkers have had with mental illness amongst friends and family…Some employers will make a push to get you fired on the slightest mistake or make it a hostile work environment to move you out. However, I’ve had GREAT experiences just going into the interviews, keep my diagnosis private, discuss any accommodations I might need to work tasks and just keep my life (and dramas with others) out of the mix. These situations are only good working in the back - as a public facing employee, I had every kind of confused person come into the business due to orders from the voices to make a stressful job that is life/death to customers even worse. Working in back can be great. Or you can end up with some coworkers who are gang stalkers (part-time psychotics) who think they need to verbally harass you through out the whole work day even if you don’t discuss anything private so wear headphones. Expect this kind of crap from strangers called gang stalking/cause stalking/thought broadcasting. Read up on this and realize mental care refuses this and calls it delusional. Therapy refuses to assist at all. You can never get angry with your mental care provider or you will be hospitalized against your will for months at your own expense resulting in loss of employment and maybe homelessness…You can also hear your boss or coworkers talking loudly & convincingly in the next room and it is fake (even in life and death situations) so only take orders from a person standing in front of you or called you on the phone.

Cognitive symptoms of psychosis can cause problems so you need to be selective about the job tasks - something where you can run off a list is useful. It need not even be a simple, repetitive job either.

Remember, it can even be possible to ask for accommodations of regular work schedule, fewer hours, less work with public or work from home as your workers are being too disruptive (due to the gang stalkers)…However, smaller businesses can decline these legally. Oh, my. I even saw a data entry workplace with one lady who verbally harassed the whole bunch and they could not fire her yet…the whole office had to run silent and use instant messaging on computer for all discussion to catch her in her problem, forcible get her mental care then terminate her. However, employment in this particular city runs this way with craziness as #1 job task and job duties #2 for many so I left the area…

Lastly, I have bad news on re-education attempts. Some people report being bullied out of college by crazy professors plus harassed even in group projects by mentally unstable students…I attended a school that had been sued for this & retained these instructors. Court upheld the school’s right to require all mentally ill students to use Disability Support Services in order to be treated fairly (even if acting right & attending class regularly)…Worse, local city mental care situation is so bad, it was impossible to get any new mental care to cooperate. If you try one of these schools with student loans, you can be forced to pay these back immediately if you drop classes … At another school, same thing is beginning to happen after wrong professor was hired who sexually harasses students and makes it difficult to pass…even some of the long-time staff are leaving this place now as they cannot get rid of this instructor & they didn’t want any either. Re-education moneys are very limited for anyone with an existing degree, however if you get a Pell grant and run into these kind of messes, you can be forced to pay it back immediately if you leave the school due to disability discrimination. I strongly recommend you try 2-3 classes and pay cash before you decide to even enter a school with Pell grant help, or just finish your piece of paper degree online. -------After dealing with enough of this crap from schools which once treated me like a valued customer & I get to pay back loans for years only to be mistreated in classes, I am self studying for all additional education as I already have a Bachelors. There are some nice online training libraries like Lynda.com available for small reasonable fee plus last version of text books is always available for under $10 on bn.com or amazon.com. I’ve taken some college classes with instructor using videos to teach the subject and he had to google questions on his main subject – this is a disappointing departure from university situation I had used 15 years prior. This is not worth paying for any longer sometimes after you already have a degree.

Lastly, there has been a recent decrease in support for mental care amongst some churches & general public sending these folks out to harass victims of schizo into giving up the check…this has been discussed here too on this forum. Be aware, stories exist regarding victims giving up the mental care and beginning employment being ruined even by Walmart employers – then they had no way to pay for medications even as they let the health care go too plus you cannot get your disability check back if you were fired. It needs to be mentioned too I’ve noticed a lot more pressure on the part of numerous psych doctors to try to destroy patient functioning/employment/social network in order to sell more drugs unless patient is really reserved & undemanding. Additionally, some prior written works by psychiatrists have bragged about lowering people from rocket scientists to toilet cleaning janitors even if the victim was still trying to work in their field – you know these hotshots have mouth and attitude that will get them tortured by mental care. I can speak from personal experience that trying too hard to work or socialize in your community can result in a work blackball if you chose to terminate either due to social mistreatment in a group or work situation you could not tolerate/sustain. I met the wrong people gang stalking through a church and worse through some social groups so once-nice persons in my neighborhood are now giving me the silent treatment and even calling me names after I just tried attending a local church & worked a little around this neighborhood in desperation jobs. Don’t take any part-time jobs with the employers where you might want to be hired full-time so you can keep this option open when you feel up to working more & supporting self. I think it best we all exercise caution when dealing with gang stalkers who are upping the social pressures to ‘get off the check’ and just work on our own employment skillset & stand by. I have really cut back on the social obligations because I just don’t like the people with whom these activities brought me into contact, all the demands for labor or money I cannot satisfy and more waggling tongues who want to spread rumors. We may all need to speak up together to get treated right & given protected work status through affirmative action-type status…(It can be fine to work part-time on SSDI if you keep your income below $700 a month while SSI rules will result in a cut in medicaid eventually so do talk to a benefits planner available through you government mental health care office before you make a decision…)

It needs to be noted that many of these gang stalkers are so sick with their own mental problems they are not able to hold down jobs for more than a year because they are busy being crazy at work or mistreating people instead of working…these are working a job that will never support them, nor their children and government is paying for all the party-babies with medicaid…Pot is calling the kettle black as they used to say. My old well-adjusted church suggested exercising ‘grace’ when you meet these folks & just let them say whatever then ignore it as you can only control how you look to others by keeping the quiet dignity and self-respect of avoiding these…One can even say something nice to the person after a while and they feel self conscious and shut up.

It needs to be noted, some of the churches do not have good intentions as these places are just looking to up the membership or are actually hiding some unfit members who still practice their ‘problem’. Some of these churches are just looking for a show for the circus and you don’t want it to be you. This is almost passive aggression. Any healing promised by these folks has a big tradeoff as you are putting yourself in the ring of some of the wrong people and more pressures for lots more demands in every where to submit to all sorts of business deals, tithings, toils & exposure to some predators/spooks hiding in the church but really lying in wait for next opportunity…Gosh, one church even had people who turned for them in times of need end up homeless & abandoned.

Also be aware, due to the end of Obama’s food bill the income limits for any assistance/benefits are now so low you are going to have to survive without any stamps or medicaid assistance. These stress from this or whatever could send your symptoms out of control…

Yeah, ran across that one. Was admitted to the hospital for a gut issue some years back. The nurse eyeballed my chart, saw SZ, and immediately turned to my wife and asked, “he often is he violent?”

Without missing a beat she answered, “Never. How often are you hateful and bigoted?”

Love that woman.



For you? I don’t know. Why not?
For me. in 1983 I got released from an 8 month stay in a locked psychiatric hospital. I joined a vocational program and 9 months later they got me a job. Sometimes it was 40 hours a week, often not. I stayed there for four years. I have been working fairly steadily ever since albeit , mostly part time. I’ve been at my current job for 5 years, a personal record.

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I needed help and training getting my job, but I have one. It’s out doors… field work in spring, summer and some of fall. Indoors in winter.

It was through my vocational training that got me into the job force.

I like this most. As a former worker, I worried about my personal problems than the business operation of employers, which I think now was unnecessary.
I have cluttered thoughts that time, that was why I was anxious about my personal problems.