Really took the edge off my chronic headache with one simple yoga technique

For a few days, I’ve been doing a certain exercise that involves putting the head below the centre of gravity (like with a headstand), to increase the blood pressure in my brain, for about 5-10 minutes in the morning (before you eat,) and it’s making a huge difference in my headache!

The pressure was bad after the first attempt, got to the point where I felt dizzy, but then my brain just acclimated and the pressure started to dissipate later on.

I’m on day 3 and I’ve been able to forget that I ever had a chronic headache for extended periods of time, the pressure is so low now. The pressure still pops back from time to time, but the exercise has allowed me to feel true relaxation for the first time in years.

I was inspired by the following link to try that technique, and it’s working well after such a short time. The writer recommends you try it for months and months to get full benefits though, but you should feel improvements right away.


Great thanks for sharing…!!!


I’m so glad this has helped your headache! I can only imagine how much pain you’ve been in. It must be nice to finally feel some relief.


Thank you. It’s like getting a second lease on life, pretty much.


@DNA, if you’re having headaches still, I’d recommend this technique.

Also, don’t take Glutathione! I believe it worsened my headache. Boswellia’s fine, I still take it occasionally.


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Thank you @Rhubot!

I’m doing these exercises again after a long time of not doing them, and I feel like the head pressure is getting more livable. It’s only the first day of restarting though.

The headache feels like an icepick only rarely now. The pain is more diffuse and bearable.


Great to read they are helping you.

I have a book about yoga for different alignments.

Including headache.

I would love to get in to yoga again but don’t seem to have good chemistry with the instructors I’ve had here at my gym unfortunately .

Wishing you many great yoga moments and for your head aches to go away entirely.

Can only slightly imagine how horrid that can be to live with.

Wishing you relief , release , breath and relax and great feeling of not having head aches.


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Thank you for that!

I wish you well too. Especially a headache-free life.

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I’m very big into yoga and I get migraines almost daily. Although I’m capable of doing headstand, I hesitate to do it because I have very bad arthritis in my neck and because of that, I feel my neck is too unstable.

I use meditation, medication and cold packs for my headaches. Works like a charm.


I use a modified form of the exercise where I drape my head off the side of my bed until it touches the floor, then I bend my legs so the feet point up. That way I don’t need to put too much weight on my neck, and I still get the blood rush to my brain.