Really stressing the upcoming holidays

This time of year is difficult.

It’s my late mother in law’s birthday.

Tomorrow will be the anniversary of the day she died.

My family is making the holidays as difficult as possible, as usual.

I have to fly to a place to drive sixteen hours to another place and back.

Why can’t we just fly direct?

Dear gods, I don’t know.

Because it is tradition.

And I always have to leave my husband to do all this family stuff.

He has to stay home work and take care of the dogs.

I worry about him alone for a couple weeks.

Also I think a lot about my son this time of year.

I mean, I think of him everyday, but the holidays makes it harder.

I know he’s doing great and that makes me happy, just miss him.

The whole month of December into January is a shitshow for me.

I wish I knew ways to make it easier.


I hope everything goes well for you. Id tell you not to worry but I’m worried myself about the holidays. I wish you the best.

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I’m sorry you are having difficulty. As far as mourning goes, that you will simply have to be honored. You might try setting aside some time to mourn and really experience it and I will tell you for me 10 years later it hasn’t gone away, it just doesn’t sting so much.

Basically, with missing your son, it’s the same concept, it hurts for good reason. All these things you are feeling take time to process and heal.

As far as traveling goes, oh man, that’s just stress. Make it physically as easy as possible, travel light. Have any presents drop shipped if possible so you aren’t lugging any, take few clothes and plan to wash if possible where you are going, leave behind toiletries that aren’t absolutely needed. And leave yourself extra time on all ends so you aren’t rushing.

That’s all I can think of, don’t forget to take lots of pics so that if you do miss a lot from strees, once you are back home and destressed you will be able to see all your family having fun while you are snapping photos, lol.


Solid advice, @Leaf.

Thank you.

Traveling is just terrible.

I’m going to leave extra, extra early for the airport this time and don’t stress.

I hate the ■■■■■■■ airport.


I can’t give better advice than @Leaf so I just want to wish you well. I’d be super stressed about that much travel too. That’s too hard on most people.

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This time of year is hard on me as well. My daughter has disowned me because i have schizoeffective disorder she wont let me see my grandchildren she thinks im dangerous. I also have three boys who could give a crap about me. I don’t like this time of year :confused:


Asked my wife yesterday what she wanted for Xmas?

She said me spending it with her and her mom.

And so it starts.

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We are going to have it rough. Very tight. 3 birthdays, 22cnd anniversary, and Xmas. Then New Years eve.

Not sure how it will play out. Couldn’t buy a ham today, they’re too expensive.

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I find traveling very hard on me stress wise.
Going to have to drive a lot this holiday season.
I’m sorry that you are going through such a difficult time @Charles_Foster

Good thing that the holidays don’t last forever

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