Social Media?

Hello Forums,

I am having trouble with a fear of having social media or something…

Like, I have made Instagram so many times in the past…only to overcome with fear and delete it.

Now, I have just made a new one and yet again am having feelings of regret? I really want it to keep up with my old friends but my mind isn’t letting me. I feel someone is going to steal my information or something bad will happen even though I have it on private and am careful with who views my stuff.

I tell myself that everyone posts pictures yet i still feel scared. It sucks because I really want it.

Is this an effect? A delusion? Anxiety?

I do suffer from Paranoia but I need your input.

Thank you!

Sounds like a bit of a delusion and anxiety. I only have a Facebook and this account and have never had anything bad happen. Sometimes people will friend you or try to follow you that you don’t know you don’t have to accept them or let them follow your posts. If it is a negative experience trying to have an account it would probably be best if you found your old friends and sent them a message with your phone number to keep in contact and then delete the account. Just my best solution. :relaxed:

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I’ve struggled with the same thing for years. I’ve made so many accounts over the years and had deleted them.
Now I’ve gotten better at just keeping myself logged out of them when I’m not using them. If I feel too pancky, I just log out and don’t go on it for long time. I’ve managed not to delete any accounts for about half a year now.
I often post things, then freak out and delete them though. But some I manage to keep. It’s quite the struggle…
I always feel like something horrible will happen if I leave things logged in. Always log out. Maybe that will help you.


Thank you! I understand!

Thanks really informative!

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Like Facebook. Is great way to hook back up with friends you knew were okay, plus see if someone is too much to deal with anymore. Some of the males are predators in my area and no way to ditch someone you don’t want except leave.

I use Facebook for work, so I do not post anything about my personal problems. I really just LIKE a bunch of stuff. Cannot show problems or they define you here. Is so much stigma from hate mongers, showing much can get you ruined. Is better to leave local area if you cracked up, work is too bad to even bother hanging on here any more and cops ruin some victims.

Do not keep phone or address on there. My state has a town called HOME so that’s a great location to list. My area is really tough for some women who just ran into wrong thing. Some people do not use social media…Linkedin is good idea but can leave off current employer, last name or picture just to suit your needs. Sh-- happens so just have to deal with it. Where I live better not to list current employer cause some of the crazies do try to mess someone up later…Only send resume to jobs you want. Do not list anything current on social media or website. Also seen portfolios with password protection…Sadly, SH-- happens.

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