Really overwhelmed

So, I moved counties a few months ago but have still been getting services through the old county because of the scholarship I was on. But now I have to switch to the new office. They did an interoffice referral, but now I have to do a 2 hour intake appointment and the only times they do them I have no way to get there.

I’m feeling really defeated and overwhelmed and I just want to give up. I want to cry but the meds won’t let me. I’m waiting on a call back from the new clinic, but if they can’t find a better time I don’t know what I’m going to do. Blake is out of sick days so he can only drive me at certain times and I’m not well enough to go out on my own with baby LED.

I don’t know what to do. I’m ready to give up and just go off my meds and deal with it on my own. I know that’s a horrible idea, but I can’t handle all this. It’s too much.

Plus I have no idea how much it’s going to cost because they don’t take my insurance. Which is another stressor.

I’m so sorry all this is coming down on you. Can Blake take a vacation day to help? Or maybe a taxi?

Blake’s out of vacation/sick days. A taxi would cost too much but also, what would I do with baby LED? I’m not well enough to be out alone with her.

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Can he take the day without pay or would that mess you guys up too much?

Don’t give up LED! Do you have parents that can help you?

No. My parents are across the country and not supportive.

What about Blakes parents? is that your husband?

Yes, that’s my husband. His parents are also across the country.

Aw no, I’m sorry to hear that LED. Okay, why don’t we focus on the immediate… Are you in immediate danger? Why do you want to go off the meds?

I don’t necessarily want to. But getting in with the new clinic to get the meds is proving to be more stress than I’m currently able to handle.

Can he take half the day off without pay?

Have you told the office those particular times don’t work for you?

They may be willing to make concessions this one time.

Oh I understand. Can you not refill the meds at the pharmacy without the new clinic?

He can sort of work around times, mostly leaving an hour early or so, but he’s the only person in the office. In charge of all sales, purchasing, accounting, everything. So there’s not really anyone that can fill in for him when he’s not there. The office just has to close which is really bad for business.

The clinic is trying to find a different time. I’m waiting to hear back from them.


I don’t have anyone to prescribe them.


It sounds like they’re trying to work with you.

Don’t get too upset just yet.

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You can do it LED! Your tag line says it all, you’re like a cockroach and you’ll find a way!

Did your child draw that elephant as your icon?

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I know. I really just need to take a step back and breathe. It’s just so much all at once and it’s been a really long week and baby LED is super sick and we had to spend 9 hours at the doctor for her yesterday and I’m exhausted and just really not in a place to handle having to do this right now and my clinician just sort of dumped it on me and when I tried to tell her I was overwhelmed with it and needed help she just told me to call the new office. Like, is she done with me? Is that it? Or was she just not understanding how much I need help with this?

I don’t know. She stopped answering my texts, though. But I also know it was a short week for her so maybe she didn’t realize I needed a response and she signed off for the weekend? I have no idea what’s going on. Also adding to my stress of feeling alone in all this.

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No, @wayward drew it for me. My kid just turned 2. She’s barely mastered the circle. Lol


grr sounds like a bad clinic person. Why don’t you take that breath then? Can you make yourself some tea and try to relax?